DivineArtsTake a moment and scan the background of this page and ask the question: Do I really know the world my senses perceive in their designated frequency-range?

DivineArtsWhen those senses shut down to “sleep,” we perceive another world, that which is termed a dream — only deemed as such since our earthly sensing bodies persist in time.

DivineArtsYet our dreaming bodies, existing “out of time,” likewise, deem the time-world in which it sleeps as the dream.

DivineArtsAnd so it is that we appear and disappear both in and out of time, sleeping within one while awakening to the other, always in between being and becoming.

DivineArtsYet in each phase-shift of one’s awareness — where one’s attention is caught up — it must be so that both are real and both are dreams.

DivineArtsKnow then, that in between each letter, word and sentence on this page is another universe that awaits your exploration.

© John J Falone

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