Original Masters

To understand a “thing” itself is to know only relative principles. To Know the “Essence” of a thing is to Embedded In The Matrixunderstand Universal Law. Contemplating this simple axiom reveals something that predates the historical drama in which we currently struggle as spiritual beings embedded in a material matrix. For there is an ancient time-line that still exists, indeed, shall always exist, in which Knowing the Essence of all things is our heritage, our gift as co-creators, as Masters in time.

Contemplate a child prodigy gifted in the musical arts. Such a soul may or may not understand the “thing” itself, i.e. its material reality. Here, the being does not play the metallurgy, the strings, or the keys. It plays The Thing Itselfthe Essence of the instrument by Knowing its potential to express universal law. And the same is true for the creators of the material instrument, the thing itself. Materials are selected that express the Essence of a vibratory state/expression. Thus, the Essence of an instrument is NOT the instrument, itself, but that which connects it to all other instruments as potential expression of life.

In Truth, Mastery is not an endgame of the Human journey. Rather it was, is, and shall always be the beginning of every creation cycle. Therefore, we began as Masters, so endowed with the inherent power to Renewal And Rebirthco-create from the infinite reservoir of Divine Mind. This Truth predates the so-called “fall” or “rebellion” of those beings who resent and despise that Mastery inherent to our Essence as co-creators. It is for that reason that we are taught that the Human journey began in the slime of the earth, an insidious reversal of truth.

The Nature Of Deception

Given that the Essence of a thing cannot be enslaved, those beings who despise Manipulating Bodiesthe inherent Mastery of a sovereign Human can only manipulate the thing itself. Here, the “thing itself” is the material body and its awareness of itself as a material expression, otherwise termed the altered-ego. We term this ego “altered” because the Pure Ego is the Essence of a Master’s Conscious Being, NOT its temporary manifestation in time, i.e. its vehicle of expression as a material body. That which is termed the “fact-of-the-matter” is the mantra of the altered-ego which can only sense the “thing itself.”

And Given that the Essence of a sovereign Master’s being is a timeless reality, the only possible means of deception by which to control it is the dis-empowering belief that it is the thing Machine Awarenessitself. Hence, the psychopathy of the machine-mind and its enslavement to a religion of reductionism is the current tool to enslave human awareness exclusively as the thing itself. Other religions are based upon false-gods and the belief that one’s Essence of Mastery is the possession of an other-worldly power, personified as the ruler(s) of one’s destiny. Clearly, these deceptions are two sides of the same coin.

Yet, the root of this dual sided “coin,” and all of its complex deceptions, are based Duality As Deceptionupon a single idea: “The knowledge of good and evil”—NOT Knowing Essence. This one simple idea embodies the entirety of the nature of deception. The “fact-of-the-matter” is that such a paradigm can never lead one to the Essence of a thing, but only to worshiping the “thing itself.”

Thus, such fractured knowledge implies that the inherent duality of the “thing itself” is all-that-is! In other words, the polarized nature of a material universe is projected as all-there-is, and then used to prove that Divine Mind is also a duality with equal and opposite polarities from which to choose, based upon one’s programmed biases, otherwise termed personality. A most clever and insidious deception, is it not?

The Essence Of Mastery

There can be no doubt, whatever, that the “knowledge of good and evil” IS “the-fact-of-the-matter,” because the material universe exists by spinning positive and negative electrical charges to create worlds Dual Rays Of Creationof time. It is as obvious as night and day! Now, consider that such polarized knowledge is the inherent property of every sentient construct in this dimension, inclusive of the animal, plant and even mineral kingdoms! Thus EVERY THING that exists in a realm of time is a material manifestation of the dual rays of creation from the timeless Mind of THE ONE. In terms of awareness, the lowest common denominator of the thing itself is its dual nature as a function of time.

However, the human creation did not begin as an expression of the lowest common denominator by which it can only know itself as a duality in time. Such a belief is a great deception. Rather, the human creation Human Masters In Timebegan as the Essence of God’s timeless bestowal of Love, and therefore, Masters enter worlds of time to bestow that same gift to all Life.

And it is this bestowal of Mastery to the Human creation that evoked a “rebellion” by certain entities that grew into a jealous hatred, unprecedented in this universe of time. Yet that vibration is bound to the cycles of time, and must end, as do all such cycles before a rebirth from that which is timeless. And like child prodigies, we will, again, Know the Essence of our original being, as we play the Divine Music of Life.

Know then, the Essence of human Mastery is not the opposite of anything, since it is neither bound to, nor limited by, the “things” manifest in time. For the propagation of Divine Love IS the Essence of a Master, and that Essence is a timeless Gift. That is how it all began. That is who we are!

© John J Falone

“Wisdom is the Art of Reading Between the Lines of Life” jjf
“Imagination IS Reality! .:. Reality IS Imagination…in slow motion” jjf


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