We have our Mayan brethren to thank for their profound understanding of multiple time-waves nested within grander galactic waves. And should anyone doubt the efficacy of the great shift of the ages, one need only to acknowledge that 2012Galactic Beginnings became a global phenomenon commanding our collective attention.

The fact is that every conceivable media enterprise was compelled to acknowledge it in some way. Billions were spent by the mainstream media to comment on it in one way or another! — it was a massively big deal.

Of course, the speculative interpretations of said time-wave calculations were not of any Mayan origin. Rather, it was the unanswered questions that gave rise to the frenzy of hyperbolic human anxiety, as well as the obligatory cynical condescension used to distract the collective-effects of an impending awakening. Herein, lies the crux of the phenomenon.

Terminal Paradigm:

At this juncture in our current time-wave, there are few, indeed, who have not encountered the concept of a mind-matrix, otherwise known as social programming. Yet, we see that humanity, at large, remains under the spell of what might be Terminal Paradigmtermed a Terminal Paradigm.

It is often the most obvious effects of such programming that escape scrutiny. A case in point is the obsession with endings — “when will it all end?” This rather pointless question has infected human awareness in ways that defy any meaningful evaluation in the reality of an infinite universe.

The Terminal Paradigm implies an “ultimate-finality.” Such pathological dysfunction is accomplished by elevating fear to godlike status. Indeed, fear of annihilation becomes the ultimate endgame, the engine that powers the Terminal Paradigm in social programming.

The Program:

How is such an abomination accomplished? It is quite simple. The infinite continuum of creation is first divided via a bipolar life/death equation. Then, the “life” side of the equation is again divided into the inexplicable and the accidental. Terminal ProgramsThe former is judged as speculative myth and the latter as ‘realistic’ science. We see, then, how this manifests in collective-mind — all one can “count” on is “death and taxes!”

And to falsely qualify the terminal paradigm as a universal law, we are informed (deformed?) on high “authority” that the universe, itself, is doomed to extinction! — imagine that! Such an absurd idea is planted in the subconscious as an ultimate, final, and suicidal denial of Life. The intended result is the Terminal Programsobsessive, pathological, even hysterical infatuation with “The End” phase of virtually every cycle one can imagine.

So, how is it that this terminal paradigm has come to dominate the collective mind to the near exclusion of the obvious “Beginnings” inherent within every life-cycle, from the cellular to the planetary, solar, galactic and beyond?! It is simply because perpetual life is freely given as unconditional Love, which the counterfeit hierarchy cannot claim as its own dominion. Therefore, it finds temporary power only through the terminal paradigm as a means of control through fear.

It is for these reasons that the media propaganda machine “religiously” deny “beginnings” while promoting “endings,” which support a fear-based logic. Since every ending has a new beginning inherent within it, the terminal paradigm is an illusion-of-mass-destruction. It is why all terminal equations that replace the value of infinity with self-canceling values are erroneous fictions used to program a counterfeit reality in which the future, itself, must end!

Perpetual Life!

It is ironic, indeed, that the reality of life as a Divine, unstoppable, infinite, regenerative power is considered by the so-called elite as an “unrealistic” belief system, an “opiate for the masses.” Here, Infinite Life, is a subject relegated to Infinite Realitiesweak-minded idealists who refuse to worship the terminal paradigm as their god of victimization and denial.

In Truth, new beginnings are generated faster than any such artificial interference can end them. Therefore Life, Light, Love and Freedom always prevail. This is so because Universal Law, by Divine Design, is an equation biased toward perpetual renewal.Infinite Life

Clearly, infinite renewal sustains the universe, else it could not persist through aeons of unfolding time despite all efforts to end it. Thus, not only is continuous renewal and rebirth an inviolable law of Divine Bestowal, but the universe itself exists only because the entire system is infused with perpetual life.

Infinite Beginnings:

Therefore, the only viable question is how can you, as a sovereign being, gifted with Perpetual Life, contribute to enhancing the inevitable renewal of life as an affirmation shared by THE ONE? If every moment of your life is a New Beginning, what shall you begin? Since the value of infinite life equates with infinite new beginnings, what purpose would it serve to focus exclusively on that which is temporary?Perpetual Live

Thus, the Alpha of every cycle is infused with the value of infinity, while the Omega of same is a temporary condition, a transition, a phase-shift to another rebirth. Thus, the value if infinity is not inherent within the Omega phase of any cycle. For if “the end” was an infinite value, the universe would never have existed in the first place!

Clearly, focusing on endings destroys your precious time, since there can be no focus, no attention, no awareness without the perpetual, ceaseless regeneration of life in any given moment. Thus, celebrating life is the most natural state of being because the nature of life celebrates itself by virtue of its infinite value as a multidimensional expression of Divine Love sustained by a perpetual bestowal of life-unto-life.

Now ask yourself: When will it all begin?! The answer is that it has never stopped beginning; and new beginnings shall never end…

© John J Falone

“Wisdom is the Art of Reading Between the Lines of Life” jjf
“Imagination IS Reality! .:. Reality IS Imagination…in slow motion” jjf


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