The age of our earthly experiences is determined by time-wave phases that progress through a spiral of multiple cycles, or “wheels within wheels.” We are currently in what is termed a “Grand Cycle,” meaning a wheels within wheelstime-wave composed of many converging cycles culminating in a grand shift of the ages. One of the hallmarks of such a culmination is the appearance of incarnate souls from all previous cycles.

Wave Of Souls

This culmination of all time-wave cycles into one Grand time-wave is the primary reason for the appearance of a rather astounding number of souls who are Converging Time-Wavesincarnating into our current age, because such a Grand Cycle provides unique opportunities to fulfill their personal journeys that will never be repeated exactly in any future time-wave. Thus, we are witnessing an unprecedented convergence of souls from multiple time-lines who are all sharing the experience of this monumental cycle.

This convergence of souls represents beings from every time-wave, i.e. from every previous civilization, known and unknown, a collective convergence in which all beings, on every Galactic DNA Shared Livesconceivable level of awareness are here to share their soul’s journeys with all others in the great wave of humanity. Here, we have a unique opportunity to help each other correct imbalances accumulated through all previous cycles on an individual and a collective level of conscious-awareness during this grand time-wave convergence.

Viral Elitism

We see then, in our time, that the notion of elitism is not an isolated feature confined to the so-called controllers of the current civilizations. It is, rather, like an equal opportunity virus that infects any whose spiritual immune systems are compromised. One shocking infection of this virus has manifest in the so-called newage movement, now populated with self-proclaimed “enlightened ones,” looking down upon their brethren with the same vile condescension as those whom they accuse of same.eye

So, we have a vast newage contingent who have come to regard all those less informed than themselves as subhuman entities. Among the many condescending terms, the “sheeple” is perhaps the most egregious and demeaning. The term is now just as ubiquitous as the term “cattle,” used by the elite power class to dehumanize those whom they consider “useless eaters,” etc., otherwise known as the “common man.” Clearly, this idea of elitism is a disease that infects the mind of those who seek superiority over others in order to compensate for their own brand of ignorance and impotence.

Children Of Man

The fact is that the earth is populated with versions of ourselves in different timelines that have converged in this Grand Cycle so that each of us, as sovereign expressions of THE ONE, can reconcile the cumulative Convergence Of Selves In Timeimbalances and injustices of all our lifetimes by meeting ourselves in all times, NOW. Thus, we have the opportunity to empower other versions of ourselves, just as loving parents do with their children.

Contemplate, then, what type of parent regards their children as “sheeple,” ignorant, stupid and mindless, who are beyond help, unworthy of love, and worthless fools who do not deserve our compassion and nurturing. How is it that the very attitude of counterfeit superiority, so reviled in the circles of those who manipulate the resources of this planet, is so readily condoned by the so-called enlightened class of society who so arrogantly expose the evil of said elitists? Clearly, they too are infected with the virus.

Jacob’s Ladder

Perhaps it is time to contemplate the deeper meaning of the biblical reference to “Jacob’s Ladder,” found in “The Genius Frequency.” There, the biblical reference is explained as a spiraling staircase of souls, like an endless string of glistening stars, each linked together, yet each occupying a unique place in the ever Jacob's Ladder Through The Starsmoving, dynamic spiral of time-waves within our galactic progenitor. Thus, each soul is a sovereign expression of a Divine Seed, yet each is a version of one’s fragmented self in an infinite string of interconnected, inter-dimensional experiences, in and out of time.

Thus, on Jacob’s Ladder, as human souls spiral through the star-fields of time, every hand is outstretched in both directions, linking the one behind to the one in front. Here, every older soul is a parent to a younger one, just as every older soul is the child of an elder in a Divine progression of spiritual realization. In the wisdom of Jacob’s Ladder, we see that EVERYONE LEADS and EVERYONE FOLLOWS, in the grand, sacred precession of souls through time’s progression.

A Time Of Healing

Clearly, the virus of elitism is artificially engineered for the express purpose of perpetrating and perpetuating class wars within the brotherhood of man. It is an insidious infection that incubates within a A Time FOr Healingculture of false-pride and matures into a full-blown counterfeit hierarchy, a counterculture designed to fragment the continuity of our shared incarnate experiences into a strategy of mutual destruction.

Therefore, dear brothers and sisters, we must help each other heal by first individually strengthening our spiritual immune systems knowing that all other souls will benefit and heal, in turn. We must neutralize the virus of elitism infecting our awareness through compassion and unconditional love for those who are living another level of our fragmented beings. In doing so, each of us will become the Divine Parent who seeks to bestow the highest inheritance of blessings upon our children. Thus, each generation of ourselves is the beneficiary of a greater joy of living and sharing the infinite possibilities open to our true spiritual evolution, the one that transcends all systems of time.

© John J Falone

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