Personality Cults

At this point in time, most everyone has become aware of the term “personality cult,” a group of individuals who idolize/worship another individual’s manifest behavior, usually extreme or highly idealized. Classically, such Archetypal Godscults form around a personage most often in the professions of entertainment, sports, politics, business, or religion. Here, a willful and gratuitous surrender of one’s sense of sovereignty to the object of worship has the effect of usurping personal identity by replacing it with an unattainable lust for the life and/or attributes of another.

However, the term implies a massive presumption that the concept of personality is self-explanatory—is it? We must first contemplate this phenomenon and ask the question; what exactly is a personality? Most will automatically answer, ” it’s how a person acts,” or it is a compilation of one’s likes and dislikes. Can a cult actually form around such a mundane concept? Doubtful. There must be something far more profound behind such devout and obsessive worship of such a transient expression as a personality. After all, like an opinion, everybody’s got one!

Enter The Archetypes

The answers to these important questions are found in the human memory archives, bodies of works otherwise termed Myths. All myths are conveyed as dramatizations enacted by the so-called gods. In these stories, we encounter entities who are endowed with various powers. However, the stories are not really about the powers, myths and archetypesbut rather how each entity uses that power as portrayed by their dramatic stories.

Thus, all myths are populated by a spectrum of energy archetypes, which are nothing more than the organizational energy templates used by nature to compose the mind-boggling array of life-forms we find on Earth. It is for this reason that the essence of each energy archetype is portrayed in the 12 primary constellations, otherwise known as the Zodiac. These primary energy-archetypes are neither conscious, nor are they gods. The so-called personalities or human-like dramas ascribed to them in the myths are merely tools used to preserve knowledge of the natural world and to teach how the energy-archetypes composing it may affect the human experience.

Enter Astrology

Here, the ancient meta-science of astrology explains how an incarnate being in this realm is imprinted with a pattern of these cyclic energy-archetypes in varying proportions at any given moment in time. Given the possible numbers of archetypal permutations of the 12 “Signs,” the 12 rotating houses, and the vast array of Astrology Wheelplanetary bodies, all of which resonate on different levels to express a unique mixture of perceptual biases within the psyche, each incarnate being embodies a unique subjective experience of the world.

It follows then, that the ever shifting permutations of these archetypal constructs will periodically produce more concentrated qualities of certain archetypal perceptions in some entities relative to the general population. In the human realm, these are recognized as exaggerated “personality traits.” Here every other human entity can relate to such an exaggerated archetypal bias because everyone is composed of the same archetypes, albeit in different proportions.

Transferring Power

In other words, those few who manifest the exaggerated qualities become receptacles into which others project their own portion of that archetype. It is for these reasons that those who idolize are drained of their vital force and those who are worshiped receive lethal doses of same. It is why celebrities oftentimes expire prematurely, or suffer profound psychic disorders.

Therefore, a personality cult is merely a collective projection of personal identities into a single entity who represents an exaggerated archetypal power present in each entity within the group in order for them to Myths and Cultsvicariously experience an expression of their own unrealized archetypal potential. Thus, the cult engages in a voluntary submission of personal power projected into an individual who they secretly desire to be their own reflection in the outside world. Here, it is the cult, itself, in order to alleviate the low self-worth of its constituents that empowers celebrities, kings and queens with what appears to be “larger-than-life,” god-like status.

We must discern the difference between admiring the achievements of another entity, with a healthy desire to emulate their efforts to express a certain archetypal quality, and surrendering one’s personal power to others in order that they may fulfill that which we choose not to develop. For the latter will always prove to be self-defeating.

It is crucial to understand that every human soul only borrows these archetypal energies for the duration of its journey through this Earthly realm, after which it must surrender them back to their respective dominions, retaining the experience of its decisions as part of its path to self-mastery and ultimate liberation. No other entity can do that for any other entity.

Thus, personality cults are like drug addictions that drain one’s Divine Gifts as complete and unique expressions of Love. We must realize that the archetypes are tools, instruments through which to express those Gifts, not self-created counterfeit-gods through whom we abdicate our responsibilities to develop our potential as co-creators.

© John J Falone

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