In order to communicate the New Reality existing in our midst, a new language must be allowed to emerge from the inner-Corrupted Symbolic Languagedimensions of our beings. Yet, the best we can do at this point is to borrow terminology from our current language-sets. However, each symbolic language-set is developed and interpreted by their respective institutions. To effectively use these language-sets, we must extract the words from the context of their institutional matrices. We must focus on their conceptual essence and ignore their contaminated political framework.

Given the near destruction of a coherent meta-language that conveys a universal Truth between Ancient Symbolic Languagessovereign beings, we are forced to convey some semblance of that Truth by synthesizing many words from different disciplines. Thus, our fledgling meta-language assembles an effective vocabulary by which to convey layers of reality. Here, we use the words God, spirit, alchemy, quantum, soul, fractals, light, chemical, atoms, energy, resonance, or any conceivable symbolic representation found in any culture, current or ancient. Yet, all words are simply vehicles to convey a deeper symbolic vocabulary otherwise known as ideographs. And even suchLanguage Of Ideographs ideographs, in turn, represent some aspect of being in the context of their time-waves in this dimension.

Ironically, in or age of babble, all languages have been corrupted, so we are forced to go foraging for words/symbols to reconstruct various aspects of universal Truth that were known Symbols Of Sciencefor millennium. One field from which to mine raw linguistic materials has been the institution of science. Of course, science merely usurps other words from other cultural archives in order to constructs its own “brand” of language. Nevertheless, its vocabulary and associated concepts are useful in that it is rather a new syntax that, although itself corrupt, is mutating so fast as to provide new linguistic tools by which to refresh the ancient understandings in our times.

Inter-Dimensional Nesting:

Case in point: For many years we have borrowed the term “space-time overlap” to describe the more The Space Time Overlaofunctional aspects of the so-called galactic shift, otherwise understood as the completion of a major time-wave cycle. The reason for the popularity of the “overlap” concept is that it allowed us to discuss the great-shift in terms other than apocalyptic, or religious. Moreover, its constituent words, “space,” “time,” and “overlap,” enjoy an immediate familiarity for a wide-range of entities seeking to understand the larger picture of our journeys.

There are two points consider: 1. The use of such a term does not in any way confine it to the Spaces Between The Spacesinstitution from which it is derived; for neither science nor religion has a monopoly on Truth, knowledge, or perception. 2. Even though the space-time overlap terminology served the purposes stated above, its conceptual connotation is flawed. Given that time and space are abstract inventions upon which relativity emerges as a theory, using the word “overlap” as a qualifier becomes untenable for our purposes. If we are to understand the new reality in which we now exist (whether we know it or not) it would be far better to conceptualize it as an Inter-Dimensional nested template.

Here, we are speaking/visualizing a perfected, uncorrupted, Divine Template, the precursor to all life-systems, indeed to all material universes. Thus, it is a spiritual dimension of creation, the progenitor of universes, and Nested Interdimensional Templateall life therein, that is NOW spatially embedded within the spaces of our current material reality. Therefore, it is not, strictly speaking, overlapping anything. Neither is it “out there” in space. Nor is it confined by any measurement of time. Nor is it under the jurisdiction of any past, present or future institutional control; for it is a function of Eternal Mind to perpetuate an open-ended, infinite creation containing all time-cycles as a function of eternal renewal.

Choosing To Allow:

So even as we perceive the wold which we are programmed to accept, there is another within Co-Creative Worlds Of Timeeach of us waiting to be recognized, accepted and allowed to reorganize, reshape, and rebirth the one that has run its course in the great time-cycle of our times. Here, we face the choice of the millennium: not between the polarized dialectic of destruction, but of ALLOWING that which exists within each of us to be revealed — by choosing to KNOW our true identity that supersedes the local archetypes of this realm.

As we come to realize that we are not simply archetypal personalities parading down the Centering THE ONE Withincollective streets of a counterfeit matrix, we reach within ourselves to identify with a far greater being, One that we have been programmed to deny. And now that the shift is complete in our time-cycle, that greater being is synchronized within each of us as an inter-dimensional reality, a greater Mansion World of our Divine existence as co-creators. It is the world we have longed for millennium, now available, yet hidden in plain sight.

There is no where to go to find it. There is no other time in which to allow it to be. What is IT? Worlds Witnin WorldsIT is the Divine Being that began our journeys into the time-worlds of a counterfeit reality that has created the illusion of division between a greater and lesser self, otherwise known as a ruling class and its slaves to that rule. How do we realize it? Through allowing it occupy the space of our minds. No passwords are required; no secret formulas, codes or oaths. For each sovereign, Divine bestowal, freely and unconditionally given to every soul, is who you truly are — right here and NOW. All that is required is to choose to ALLOW one’s True Identity to be active, even within the counterfeit world presented to sensory mind; for all that the sensory mind may ever detect manifests from an inter-dimensional Master Template.

The Many And The ONE:

Contemplate, then, that every life-form, as well as the Earth itself, is composed of nested resonant energy domains within a greater Conscious Field. In other words, each of us has many bodies, i.e. one made entirely of electrons, another of Divine Master Templatephotons, another of electrical charges, another of sound waves, and so forth. Yet, all these matter-energy states are initiated, formed, organized and sustained by the Master Template that exists in the spaces within the spaces of what we sense as material reality.

Thus, just as you have energy bodies nested within more energy bodies, that became corrupted in the time-cycles of experience, you also NOW have the original Master Template centering, healing, and rejuvenating every component of your being, “as it was in the beginning” — but ONLY IF you allow it to be so. This is why the term “space-time overlap” is misleading. For both space and time are created through the Master Template. Therefore, we are walking, breathing and Cosmic Grail Cupsexisting within that original Bestowal at this very moment.

It is all a question of resonating with that Master Template. How? By realizing that our origins are beyond space and time and all the sensory programs that have distorted our Divine Heritage through simple denial of that Source of All-That-Is — All-That-You-Allow! Now in this moment. As such, there are no opposite polarities from which to choose the New Reality we seek; for it is from THE ONE Template that the dual rays of material universes are projected into motion, which creates time, and the unfolding of that original intent into ever-new beginnings by which we may co-create our world — again.

“Greater Things Than These Shall Ye Do!”

© John J Falone

“Wisdom is the Art of Reading Between the Lines of Life” jjf
“Imagination IS Reality! .:. Reality IS Imagination…in slow motion” jjf


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