Until we allow our minds to transcend the perceptual trap of visual limitations within the Greater Divine Light of universe The Twin Rays Of Lightcreation, the paradigm of light and darkness will continue to dominate the matrix-mind obsessed with the illusion of relativity within a void.

From this comes the primitive notion of being on one side or another of an entropic equation which continually divides the mind, like a type of cell-division which loses potential with every iteration. Thus, the altered-ego, programmed to accept its one-way journey into extinction, is forced to choose between life and death with every step along the way.

However, the universe, and all life within it, is not created by “choosing” one polarity. If the nature of the universe were modeled after the bi-polar mind, it would short itself out as fast as it could be formed.  Here, perception of light and darkness is a result of programmed sensoryMicro-Spectrum Awareness bias resonating with a limited portion of an inconceivable range of Light Spectrum.

Thus, the twin rays of Light are coming and going through a conscious center. Moreover, these twin rays are NOT in opposition to anything, since they are asymmetrically shifted by proportions of the golden mean and other spiraling values. Therefore, only a unified mind, emulating Divine Essence, is capable of knowing that universe creation proceeds from Light Spiral Light Within Lightpassing through itself via a centering point of consciousness.

Consider the ironic self-cancelling dialectic that asserts a reality of light and darkness, even while the evidence is overwhelming that there are myriad, indeed, infinite degrees of light. Here, we pay scientific homage to an extra-sensory electromagnetic spectrum sensed by machines but not by living beings. So if we enter a room filled with infrared or ultraviolet light, we must concede that it only appears dark due to the simple limitations of the brain’s interpretive cognition. Thus,Universes Made Of Light if light can take so many forms, differentiated only by its frequency, relative to the perceiver, then where does this perceived darkness reside?

Clearly, perceived light and darkness is a function of relativity determined only by a creature’s biased senses to perceive certain portions of the electromagnetic spectrum and not others. Obviously, that which is darkness to the programmed human mind is not so for bees and birds. So we have an untennable paradigm of defining reality based upon preconditioned sensory mechanics, not Universal Truth, which embraces the greater reality that all relative perceptions of light are subsets within a greater field of LIGHT.

From this we must embrace the reality that our visual cognizance is limited to its programmed frequency-set. That which Lower Light Domainswe currently perceive as realms of darkness are merely VEILS Of Light, transitional phase-shifts creating membrane domains of variegated light spectra. To the bi-polar mind, such veils become walls, beyond which darkness “appears” to lurk, like the abyss at the horizon of the “flat earth.” When we gaze into the night sky, we are perceiving an “interpretation” of a bi-polar reality, not reality itself.

Yet, that same sky, during the day, is devoid of stars only because the visual cortex is resonating with that portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, that particular “veil” of light within a great sea of LIGHT. Thus, the sensory mind is programmedApparent Light to interpret contrast rather than continuum, surfaces rather than depth, membrane rather than nucleus, circumference rather than center. Thus, from the bifurcated mind light and darkness are only apparent realities, and from that divisive, relative perception, entire institutions are built to worship that bi-polar model.

Thus divide and conquer is not something exclusive to social programming and manipulation, Unified Twin Rays Of Creationit begins in the mind of each and every sovereign being within this realm of experience. Consider, then, the potential reality of beings who KNOW that ALL IS LIGHT. Contemplate the night sky as a continuum of LIGHT within which the stars that you perceive are simply frequency-sets resonating with a small portion of that which you truly are, that is, something far greater than the programmed interpretation of a half-life.

Contemplate the reality that all conditional, relative light exists within vast cosmic oceans ofAll IS Light Within Light unconditional, Eternal Light from which all subsets of reality spring into their relative glory within a Greater Glory. Bypass the visual programming and allow your greater nature to perceive how the physical universes are all manifestations of light within LIGHT, “pulsed” into existence by the Great Divine Heart of THE ONE.

© John J Falone

“Wisdom is the Art of Reading Between the Lines of Life” jjf
“Imagination IS Reality! .:. Reality IS Imagination…in slow motion” jjf


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