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audio-experience! 6 Pack

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pulsarNEW Audio 6 Pack ~ One Package With All 6 Audio CD read by John J Falonepulsar
Available ONLY On This Site

The Genius Frequency Audio Experience! 6 Pack
is created for those who desire a single, discounted, audio-only package of all the currently avilable audio singles and cd sets offered separately on this site.

Included in the 6 Pack are all the audio CD's found in the following packages, assembled into one 6-CD rugged, vinyl fold-out case for convenience and protection:

The Genius Frequency™ audio-experience!™
Contemplations Part I: a 3 VOLUME CD Set. This is an exceptional collection of the 1st EIGHT Yearly Messages read by the author.
Part I includes 2001-2008 Yearly Messages + Guided Visualizations from the book & the site. This collection elucidates the work's core concepts.

The Genius Frequency ™ audio-experience!™
Contemplations Part II: a SINGLE CD with Contemplations as found on The Genius Frequency™ website read by the author. Part II includes 2009, 2010, 2011, Yearly Messages, added since the first audio set. The Yearly Messages are an advanced teaching, and the readings are effective tools for higher mind.

The Genius Frequency ™ audio-experience!™
Contemplations Part III: a SINGLE CD with Contemplations as found on The Genius Frequency™ website and read by the author. Part III includes the three latest Yearly Messages, 2012, 2013, & 2014. The Yearly Messages are an advanced teaching, and the readings are effective tools for higher mind.

The Genius Frequency ™ audio-experience!™
Guided Visualization: a single Audio CD comprised of all three of the same visualizations found individually on each of the three audio CD's in the sets described above. It is designed for those who prefer all three visualizations on one CD for an uninterrupted, musically enhanced journey into self.

This exceptional collection of readings elucidates a wide spectrum of core concepts, as found in The Genius Frequency material and taken to a level of practical relevance of our times.

Those who have studied The Genius Frequency material, will find these audio readings to be an indispensable adjunct with which to deepen your comprehension, expand your awareness and release new levels of innate genius.

If you are new to the material, these readings serve as a stand-alone teaching of a very high conceptual order. Prepare to journey with the author on levels that may surprise you — uplift your mind/body/soul to new heights.

"Visualize" With Your Ears: The spoken word, when resonating with the Heart Of Hearts, has the ability to touch the soul in ways that the written word simply cannot approach. Listening to these readings is like seeing with your ears in a way that brings you ever closer to the portals of true freedom.

You will receive over 5 hours of audio readings; an unforgettable journey, including timeless contemplations, powerful guided meditations and visualizations that will expand your awareness in surprising new ways. The following is a breakdown of each of the 6 audio CD's included in The audio-experience! 6 pack:

Volume I: "Crisis Contemplation (2001)," "Year Of The Dove (2003)," "Year Of Discernment (2004)," PLUS the powerful, advanced guided visualization, "Gratitude."

Volume II: "Year Of The 4th Dimension (2005)," "Year Of The Unreal (2006)," "Year Of The Psychic (2007)," and the amazing, guided visualization, "Galactic Contemplation ."

Volume III: "Year Of The Magician (2008)," PLUS the awesome, guided visualization, "The Heart Of Hearts."

Volume IV: "Year Of Gestation (2009)," "Year Of The Well (2010), and "Year Of The Time-Tunnel (2011)."

Volume V : "Year Of Rebirth (2012)," "Year Of The Sovereign (2013)," "Year Of The Angelics (2014)."

Volume GV : "Gratitude Meditation ,"Galactic Contemplation" Plus the powerful Heart Of Hearts visualization."

This beautiful 6 Volume Audio CD Set is presented in a single, convenient, durable, vinyl case to protect your collection, and arrives at your door (free shipping) in a sturdy, priority shipping box.

Collector's edition: The Genius Frequency™ audio-experience!™ 6 Pack edition is not mass-produced. The entire package is created, assembled, serial numbered, and hand signed by the author per order.

An Inspirational Gift!: You may also gift someone special with an order. Your gift may be shipped directly to the recipient by adding your instructions in the "comment box" found on the payment form, or email the author for further clarification.

Discounted Set : You save over $38 when ordering the 6 pack versus the individual items and the shipping is free.

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Copyright © 2001-2017 John J Falone
All Rights Reserved

The Genius Frequency™ audio-experience!™
6 Volume Set is a studio quality, industry standard, audio CD and can be played on any conventional CD player, as well as a computer with a CD-ROM Drive and appropriate software.

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