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Triple-play! 2 E-books + free audio cd

3 CD Set .:. Both E-Books Plus Free Audio CD

NEW Audio 6 Pack ~ One Package With All 6 Audio CD read by John J Falone
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all 3 cD's In One Convenient Fold-Out Jewel Case

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The Genius Frequency™ E-Book Experience!™ books 1 & 2 are life enhancing study tools. More than just books on CD-ROM; they are original and unique works of art in which one's body/mind/soul can experience new depths of understanding about the mysteries of life.

Each E-Book is on its own dedicated and signed CD that runs automatically from your PC's CD/DVD Drive. Just insert the CD of your chosen ebook and it does the rest. The ebook CD's are self-loading and self-contained. No plug in's or programs to download; nothing will be installed on your hard drive. Take them with you and play it on any PC. The ebook AND the App to display it on your computer are integrated and self-running.


BOOK 1: The Genius Frequency™ E-Book Experience!™ "An Owners Manual For Cosmic Mind:" In addition to the 450 pages of the original book 1, you will find over 60 pages of letters and excerpts from the author's archives, notes, email from all over the world and counseling sessions that add a personal touch, giving the reader further insight into the practical use of the concepts put forth in the work, and revealing the compassion, wisdom and teaching skills of the author that further enhance the reader’s understanding of this teaching. The supplemental materials are only found on the CD ebook and not available anywhere else. To examine a much more extensive and detailed analysis of the first book you can simply CLICK HERE to view the details and come back to order the Triple Play.

BOOK 2: The Genius Frequency™ E-Book Experience!™ II "An Owners Manual For A Master's Journey:" in addition to the over 500 pages (140,000 words) of Book 2, you will find over 300 pages of beautifully rendered articles from the author's blog, spanning 7 years from the creation of "The Cosmic Press," blog found on this website to the present. The entire content of the author's blog is rendered on a "page-white" background, consistent with the main body of the book. Every blog post is not only dated according to its timeline entry, it is also fully indexed via the linked thumbnails AND every title and subheading within each blog post is embedded descriptive bookmarks that are also hyper-linked to quickly jump to points of interest. Of course, as with both books, every word within it is searchable via the internal search engine to quickly find relevant information. Book 2 is also visually stunning and easy to read. To examine a much more extensive and detailed analysis of the first book you can simply CLICK HERE to view the details and come back to order the Triple Play package.

In both books, you will find beautiful, high resolution fractal graphics to inspire you. In Book 1, every chapter uses a specific color scheme and is represented at the chapter's end by a large graphic object. In Book 2, each page has a graphic simulation of a binding shadow to enhance the virtual book effect when using the multi-page layout feature in the included reader app that runs automatically from the CD.

Animation: In both books, there are surprises throughout. Discover objects links that trigger fascinating, animated fractals. Play them over and over as you read and contemplate the profound concepts set forth in the text.

Sound Files: More surprises. Throughout Book 1, there are objects linked to sound files. When you discover one, just click and hear the Angelic voice of Donna Rose, voice-over and concert artist, introducing you to each chapter.

Sound Bytes: In book 1, some of the objects are linked to sound files of the author reciting original poetry excerpts when you discover the object and click on it.

Study Tool: Both books are fully indexed, search enabled & internally HyperLinked. In addition, this work has two indexes and a glossary of terms can be used to better comprehend key words and concepts in the work. All page numbers found in the indexes and the table of contents are also hyperlinked, so one click on any page number reference will instantly transport you to that page.

Fully Searchable: You also have the added benefit in both books of a fully search enabled text, using the embedded search engine. Remember a word or concept but forgot where it is? Can't find it in the Index either? Just type the word in the search bar, hit enter and you have instant access to every occurence of that word throughout the book. No conventional book can deliver such power of instantaneous cross referencing.

Book Marks: In addition to the hot linked Table of Contents and the two indexes, you will find extensive hyper-linked bookmarks to all chapters, subheadings, meditations, exercises, visualizations and more specific to each book.

Thumbnails: In both books, you are able to click the thumbnail tab In the Navigation Pane next to the bookmarks and you will see a graphic representation of each page of the E-Book Experience! Find a page visually, double click on it and jump instantly to the page.

Convenience: Simply insert The Genius Frequency E-Book Experience!™ CD for either book into your drive. In a few moments, your e-book will load and display on your screen. After each session, remove the CD and store it in the beautifully designed Jewel case until you are ready for another session. Simple instructions are provided if needed.

EcoSmart: Help preserve our precious, life-giving trees. The computer age has blessed us with an alternative to our dependence on paper.

A Lasting Keepsake: The Genius Frequency™ work is destined to be an all time metaphysical, philosophical, and spiritual classic. Your custom, dedicated copy is a lasting keepsake and will be signed to you personally, in your name in each book. This Limited edition is not mass produced. Each Limited Edition, serial numbered CD is custom made for you. Your copy will be signed to you by the author.

An Inspirational Gift!: To gift someone special with their own Triple Play set, simply include their name and address either via the payment form or an email to the author. Your gift may be shipped directly to the recipient or to you for presentation. Please, remember to give the Full Name of the recipient of the gift so it may be signed in their namesake. In addition, you may write a salutation in your own words to be included “Inside” the pages of the E-Book Experience!™. The dedication page will bear the name of the giver. For example, From “your name TO: ” “their name” and your salutation. This is truly a gift that keeps giving and the salutation you submit will be included in both books.

Your E-Book Experience!™: At work or at home, anywhere there is a PC with a CD/DVD drive, your E-Book experience! can be enjoyed without leaving a trace because everything runs from the CD. If you have a laptop PC with a CD, you can experience your E-Books, anywhere at anytime! Compact and easy to carry, it is far more convenient than a conventional book. And by purchasing this E-Book!, you will be contributing to the future editions of this and other works to people across the world.

Reading Power: Black text on page white background makes your E-Books a pleasure to read. In addition, you have total control over the font/page magnification. The Genius Frequency™e-book Experience!™ books are customizable to your needs. You control how to view your book with different navigation tools visible, or not, as you choose. With a keystroke, you may switch from a full page that fills your monitor screen at any magnification, unobstructed by tool or menu bars or even a window frame to a smaller window with all the navigation tools and bars visible for quick access.

The Genius Frequency ™

is an audio only CD that Contains 3 Guided Visualizations playable on any standard cd player or computer with a cd player and media program interface to control it.

The Guided Vizualization CD included in this set provides a single audio experience of all three Guided Visualizations back to back so that it can be used as a stand alone meditation experience without having to select it as a separate track from one of the other audio CDs.

"Visualize" With Your Ears: The spoken word, when resonating with the Heart Of Hearts, has the ability to touch the soul in ways that the written word simply cannot approach. Listening to these readings is like seeing with your ears in a way that brings you ever closer to the portals of true freedom. The audio CD of Guided Visualizations contains the following:

1. the powerful, advanced guided visualization, "Gratitude."

2. the amazing, guided visualization, "Galactic Contemplation ."

3. and the awesome, guided visualization, "The Heart Of Hearts."

This beautiful "Triple Play" CD set with 2 ebooks and one audio CD is presented in a single, convenient, fold-out jewel case to protect your collection, and arrives at your door (free shipping) in a sturdy, priority shipping box.

Collector's edition: The Genius Frequency™ Triple Play edition is not mass-produced. Each set is manually created, serial numbered, and hand signed by the author per order.

An Inspirational Gift!: You may also gift someone special with an order. Your gift may be shipped directly to the recipient by adding your instructions in the "comment box" found on the secure payment form.

Discounted Set : @ $95.67, you save over 33% when ordering the Triple Play set versus the individual items (normally $142.80) and the shipping is free.

NOTE: If you would like to use the convenient shopping cart to order more than one item, you may click HERE to access a single page with all available items.


Copyright © 2001-2017 John J Falone
All Rights Reserved

The Genius Frequency™ audio-experience!™
6 Volume Set is a studio quality, industry standard, audio CD and can be played on any conventional CD player, as well as a computer with a CD-ROM Drive and appropriate software.

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