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audio-experience! part III


pulsarThe Genius Frequency audio-experience! PART IIpulsar
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The Genius Frequency ™ audio-experience!™
Contemplations Part III
  is a single Audio CD comprised of three selected readings from the Yearly Messages, as read by the author. These three readings include the addition of  the 2012, 2013, and 2014 messages, which were created after the previous audio sets were produced and are now available in this single CD.

Each of these three messages are recorded as three separate tracks and are produced in CD industry quality stereo and burned on the highest quality Sony audio discs to assure integrity of the original material, and optimized for full dynamic effect when using headphones.

Whether you have studied The Genius Frequency material, or you are new to this work, you will find these audio readings to be an indispensable adjunct with which to deepen your comprehension, expand your awareness and release new levels of innate genius.

The sequential presentation of the Yearly Message series is designed so that each succeeding contemplation is bulit upon the previous one according to the enregy-field progressions associated with each yearly time increment. Thus, these exceptionally powerful readings represent a very advanced teaching, rarely found in what has become the NewAge Mainstream. Therefore, the concepts revealed in these readings transcend the typical language barriers by connecting with the most powerful aspect of one's Higher Heart-Mind.

"Visualize" With Your Ears: The spoken word, when resonating with the Heart Of Hearts, has the ability to touch the soul in ways that the written word simply cannot approach. Listening to these readings is like seeing with your ears in a way that brings you ever closer to the portals of personal revelation.

This single CD includes the following select readings:
Track I: The Year Of Rebirth (2012): (time 17:16)
Track II: Year Of The Sovereign (2013): (time 21:49)
Track III: Year Of The Angelic (2014): (time 25:35)

This beautiful Audio CD is presented in a standard jewel case with a fold-out insert and arrives at your door (free shipping) in a sturdy, USPS priority shipping box for all domestic deliveries.

Collector's edition: The Genius Frequency™ audio-experience!™ is not mass-produced. Each CD is created, serial numbered, and hand signed to you by the author on a per order basis.

An Inspirational Gift!: You may also gift someone special with an order. Your gift may be shipped directly to the recipient by adding your instructions in the "comment box" available on the order page.


Copyright © 2001-2017 John J Falone
All Rights Reserved

The Genius Frequency™ audio-experience!™ Contemplations Part III
is a studio quality, industry standard audio CD
and can be played on any conventional CD player,
or any computer with a CD player and appropriate software.

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