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The Genius Frequency™ II ~ E-Book Experience!™ ~ An Owners Manual For A Master's Journey: As its name indicates, Book II is a continuation of the first work: it is a life enhancement learning tool—an advanced teaching designed to expand the depth of understanding of the first work and it stands on its own as an important contribution to the study of Metaphysics.

AVAILABILITY: This initial release of Book 2 is available only in the CD e-book version described herein and it is only available on this site directly from the author. As such, it is NOT mass produced. Each package is hand made, the CD is burned with your personal dedication page as part of the book itself, and finally, it is signed by the author. As with the first book, the CD offering will generate the funds needed to create other editions in different formats. Given the expense and logistics, printing a hardcopy edition will depend upon acquiring the necessary resources. In the mean time, the self-contained CD e-book format has proven itself to be an efficient and dependable format for almost two decades. We are cognizant of the many new publishing platforms now available. Since all of our work is a labor of Love, we are pleased and honored to offer this new work as the first step in our publishing efforts.

CONVENIENT: The E-Book Experience!™ runs automatically from your CD Drive. Just insert the CD and it does the rest. It is Self-loading and self-contained. No plugins or programs to download and nothing will be installed on your hard drive. Using the E-Book is convenient and secure. Take it with you and access it on any PC with a CD drive. NO internet connection is required to use the e-book.

COMPREHENSIVE: With over 600 pages of text and graphics, this E-Book Experience!™ will provide endless hours of inspired study, contemplation, new understanding, profound insights, and a general mind/body/soul expansion.

GRAPHICS: Beautiful, high resolution fractal graphics are found all through the work for you to contemplate. They are inspiring and tuned in color and frequency to the message and concepts of the text. When the cursor transforms into a film-strip icon, you will know it is an animation. Simply click on the graphic and it will begin to move providing a fascinating visual experience to accompany your reading experience.

ANIMATIONS: Throughout the work there are surprises. Discover linked objects! Just click and watch the fascinating fractals. Play them over and over as you meditate on the profound concepts set forth in the text.

MUSIC: To enhance your experience with the guided visualization, there is a special link in the page to activate a musical composition by the author to accompany your contemplation and meditations.

BONUS SECTION : This CD edition also contains a BONUS SECTION of the entire archive of the author's blog, "Cosmic Press," from its inception in August 2011 to March 2017, as found on this website. That's over 380 pages of additional study material—over 700 pages total. This beautiful section of the ebook experience! is completely reformatted so that all the author's blog posts (articles) are presented with black fonts on a paper-white background, to keep it consistent with the main body of work. The Bonus Section is also completely bookmarked with clickable links and thumbnails that instantly jump to the desired page. Of course, the entire contents of the ebook is instantly searchable within its pages. Clearly, the Bonus Section of the Cosmic Press Author's blog is a 2nd book unto itself.

FULLY INDEXED & HYPERLINKED : in addition, this work is fully indexed and search enabled. Two indexes and a glossary of terms can be used to reference key words and concepts. All of the page numbers found in the indexes and the table of contents are hyperlinked. One click on a page number reference and you are instantly transported to that page.

FULLY SEARCHABLE: You also have the added benefit of a full search-enabled text (all 500 plus pages) using built in search engine. Remember a word or concept but forgot where it is? Can't find it in the Index either? Just open the search window, type in the word, hit enter and you are there. No conventional book can deliver such power of instantaneous cross referencing.

BOOK MARKS: In addition to the hot linked Table of Contents and the two indexes, you will find extensive bookmarks hyperlinked to all chapters, subheadings, meditations, exercises, visualizations and more.

THUMBNAILS: Click the thumbnail tab In the Navigation Pane, next to the bookmarks and you will see a graphic representation of each page of the E-Book Experience! Find a page visually, double click on it and jump directly to the page.

CONVENIENCE: Simply insert The Genius Frequency II E-Book Experience!™ CD into your drive. In a few moments, your e-book will load and display on your screen. After each session, remove the CD and store it in the beautifully designed Jewel case until you are ready for more. Simple instructions are provided if needed.

ECO-SMART: Our precious, life-giving trees are going fast. We need to stop cutting them down. Conventional books are made from trees. The computer age has blessed us with an alternative to sacrificing precious resources. Join the electronic revolution and save another tree.

A LASTING KEEPSAKE: Your custom copy of The Genius Frequency II™ is designed to be a lasting keepsake and a source of inspiration and study for years to come. This limited edition will be signed to you personally in your name by the author, including a custom dedication page in the book itself . This Limited edition is not mass produced. Each Limited Edition CD is custom made for you.

AN INSPIRATIONAL GIFT: You may also gift someone special with an order. Your gift may be shipped directly to the recipient or to you for presentation. Please, remember to give the Full Name of the recipient of the gift so it may be signed to their namesake. In addition, you may write a salutation in your own words to be included “Inside” the pages of the E-Book Experience!™. The dedication page will bear the name of the giver. For example, From “your name TO: ” “their name” and your salutation. This is truly a gift that keeps giving.

YOUR E-BOOK EXPERIENCE™: At work or at home, anywhere there is a computer your E-Book experience! can go where you go. If you have a laptop with a CD, you can experience your E-Book! anywhere at anytime! Compact and easy to carry, it is far more convenient than a conventional book. This initial offering will create the seed funding necessary to create a three-fold plan to make this work available in all forms of media. Every special edition E-Book sold will be a step closer to the goal.:.

READING POWER: Black text on page-white background makes your E-Book Experience!™ a pleasure to read. In addition, you have total control over the type and page magnification. The Genius Frequency II™e-book Experience!™ is totally customizable to your needs. There are many ways to view your book with different navigational tools—you may switch from full page that fills your monitor screen at any magnification, unobstructed by tool or menu bars or even a window frame to conventional windows view. It's the ultimate reading and study tool.

TOTALLY SELF-CONTEINED & SECURE: The ebook experience! on this CD is totally self-contained as are all hyperlinks and all the media files that they link to. It not only means that NOTHING IS INSTALLED on your computer, it means that the program running the ebook will NEVER access the internet nor will it modify any files on your computer. Your privacy is respected and your computer is secure as every function of the ebook is performed OFF-LINE.

TAKE A TOUR : For those who would like to preview Book 2, we have created a special PASSWORD PROTECTED website dedicated for that purpose. There you will be able to take a tour of the new book for your edification. It contains the first 5 pages of every chapter as well as the complete table of contents—that's over 75 pages of material for you to peruse at your convenience. To skip the tour and order now, scroll down to the Order Now link below.

To access the new website and view sample pages of The Genius Frequency II ~ An Owner's Manual For A Master's Journey, Click the Book II graphic below. Then copy and paste the following into the box that appears in your browser:
In the User Name field type or paste: Book2
In the Password field type or paste: ImagInatIonIsreality9
(NOTE: all field entries are CASE SENSITIVE).

The Genius Frequency II ~ An Owner's Manual For A Master's Journey


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System Requirements
PC, 486 class processor or better  Windows 95 and higher
CD-ROM Drive, *Standard Windows .avi & wave players, (*multimedia devices are not required for  displaying the reading material*)
256 color, 800X600 monitor or better
*This item is NOT Mac Compatible

Limited Edition: Each e-book numbered & signed by the author.
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