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HOW TO ORDER“Hi Dr. Falone,
I have read and studied your book and I absolutely love it!!!! It just “hits home” so to speak and awakens feelings in my heart and gut letting me know the truths in it are real!”
Cheryl B.
Dallas TX

Reading your book has been the most incredible experience. I cannot thank you enough for such a profound and life changing creation. This book is the greatest gift to humanity. It must be changing lives everywhere.”
Chris C.

HOW TO ORDER“What a fantastic work! It is in my opinion the absolute best book I have ever read and I want to thank you from the bottom of my “Heart of Hearts” for the time and effort you must have put into writing it and giving the world such a fabulous gift of true knowledge. I am going to reread it again and again and make it truly my own “Owners Manual.” It makes more sense to me than anything I have ever read and every word of it resonates in the deepest recesses of my soul.”
Steve M,
Portland OR

HOW TO ORDER“Mr. Falone,
I don't usually write to authors but the prologue of your book The Genius Frequency overwhelmed me with its basic brilliance.

I had to go and lie down because my mind wanted to explore right then and there! It was absolutely amazing what those few pages have done for me and I wanted to share this with you. I will of course be reading the rest of the book once my creativity slows down enough to allow me to get back to the pleasure of exploring someone else's mind - you have a truly clear way of expressing confusing/deep subjects.

Thank you so much for sharing your journey with the rest of us. I look forward to reading the rest but your prologue alone has given me a quantum leap to where I want to be.”
Toni B,
British Columbia

HOW TO ORDER“Many thanks,
TGF E-Book is a work of Art.  I have much gratitude to have it in my life, in this lifetime, at this time and to integrate the wisdom in each Now moment.  The graphics and voice-overs are Enhancements to the multi-dimensional teachings. I am deeply grateful and honored to have a personalized copy.”
Crystal N
Salem, CT

HOW TO ORDER“Dear Mr. John Falone,
I have read your book, and I've reread it several times, every time discovering a new and more profound perception of all you've wanted to share from your experience, work and thoughts. I have to confess, in all honesty, that I'm completely moved by the book's contents and that some of the chapters even impressed me profoundly.

I've learned many things from this book and its contents made me meditate seriously on our mission on earth and opened me to a wider perception which will help me in my practical, everyday life...”
Breaza, Romania
“Dear Mr. Falone,
A note of thanks for this awesome work. I have read most every newage and metaphysical work out there, and this one put it altogether. It has not only moved to the top of my list as a reference work, but I have given away most of my book collection. The graphics are beautiful, almost hypnotic and the poetry clips you read are so deep, I listen to them over and over. This is what I have been searching for.”
Kevin C.
Phoenix, AR

HOW TO ORDER“Hello John,
I have been working for many years to understand about myself and about life in general. I meditate on a regular basis and have had many experiences. When I found your book and began working with it, I felt a release. Just to know that we already have the answers to our questions waiting to be discovered and that Genius is part of our heritage, is what released me from by own blocks. I now enjoy a peaceful confidence. Your writing is so clear. Thank you for bringing this into the world.”
Nancy L

“Hi John,
The Genius Frequency has helped me to remove many blocks of my seemingly infinite self-doubts in affirming as significant many experiences that I had had in the pages of your wonderful work in a way that allows this ancient “eastern” wisdom to resonate true in me. Until reading your book, this wisdom was unintelligible, without resonance; “dead” knowledge. There are no words I can find that express my heartfelt thanks to you for being the catalyst for making these “eastern” secrets of supreme success intelligible to my “western” way of thinking.”
Phil, PA

This material is simply remarkable. It strikes me as a higher order of evolutionary information. I found myself anxious to get home from work so I could continue reading your book. I don't remember being affected that way by anything else I have read. Just thought I would let you know how much I appreciate your work.”
Brad K.
Syracuse, NY

HOW TO ORDER“To the author,
This quality of wisdom is hard to find. And the e-book is a cutting edge approach to conveying such wisdom. The design, colors and short readings add a dimension to the text. Congratulations on this outstanding presentation and powerful content.”
Gary H.
San Francisco, CA

HOW TO ORDER“Greetings Mr. Falone,
I have to admit my initial skepticism about your book. But that was soon laid to rest as I became absorbed in the depth of its message. I feel a profound resonance to the way you explain things. I now know there is a difference between intellectualizing and "knowing." You have clarified so many things I had read about so many times, but just could not make the connections in my mind. So much has opened up for me. I found the search feature and the bookmarks immensely useful. I never thought I would admit that an e-book would be better than a regular book. I even slip the CD into my purse and read it on my office computer. I can switch windows quickly when someone approaches my station. Don't tell anyone:) Bless you for this effort.”
Kathy W.
Chicago, IL

HOW TO ORDER“ Dear John,
Finding your book is a fine example of how the next step manifests when a person is ready. The Genius Frequency has all the answers I needed to understand so much I have searched for. Your work will definitely be the foundation of my new understanding. I have been leading study groups for years and we are now using your work as the basis for our discussions. The members of the group have found great inspiration in discussing the concept of the fifth dimension. Nowhere have I found a more comprehensive explanation of this subject. Your book clarified so much for us and we all send our thanks. The other members will be ordering your new e-book experience soon. Much Light to you.”
Janet S.
Houston, TX

HOW TO ORDER“ Hello Sir,
I feel like the archeologist who found the "missing link." Although, I believe such a thing will never be found, I do believe that I have found my missing link, The Genius Frequency e-book experience. Your skill at combining the ancient and modern teachings into a coherent flow of logic is the most astounding piece of literature I have ever read. And the CD idea is so much more powerful than a standard book. Kudos to you.”
James M.
Tampa, FL

HOW TO ORDER“ Dear Mr. Falone,
As a teacher of sociology, the aspect of community is, of course, one of the main themes in all such courses. I was taken by your premise of genius running throughout group consciousness. It occurred to me as I read your material that there is a covert suppression of genius within most societal structures. This is most unfortunate. Your work has given me a new perspective that I will certainly incorporate in my classes. Much success to you and your fine work. By the way, the e-book goes with my laptop wherever I go. What an innovative idea. Thank you.”
Louis T.
Cape Town SA

This e-book is just to cool for words. I haven't had this much fun reading a book in a long time. I am a computer aficionado and I have three of them. Your work is definitely on the cutting edge. The CD I bought from you travels with me and my laptop. Makes flying fun AND educational. When I get home, it goes into my big PC. It seems that every time I read your book and listen to your poetry, I see & learn something new. This is some real mind expanding stuff. Thanks.”
Hal C.
Los Angeles, CA

“ Dear Mr. Falone,
In my country, the study of spiritual works is very strict. I am very well familiar with so many works and study also the Hebrew. Much of it I understand and there is mystery to consider. I do not read many works outside my studies, but I found your work to bring me understanding of many things and help me to see other mysteries that connect. This is very good for my studies. So I thank you and ask that you do well.”
Alked H
Istanbul, Turkey
“ Hi John,
I want to express my thankfulness in simple words black on white I have read your book and read and reread and studied and practiced. For a long long time I have been looking for The Truth about living here on earth. Your book and the ideas brought forth therein is adding and adding and opening. I thank the almighty and you for your part. An isolated friend back in Iceland.”
Magnus G. 

HOW TO ORDER“ Greetings Mr. Falone,
From down under. I am reading your book and find it articulate, lucid and very helpful. Your material resonates deeply with my own information and has enabled me to make some breakthroughs in some stuck patterns which were beginning to really get my goat!  I've had some patterns on repeat which I'm beginning to transmute thanks to your information concerning the Heart as the true creative agency of  the only reality I'm interested in participating in -  one that transcends the limitation of the 3D.  I'm afraid I've been somewhat stuck in the mind, listening to the endless ricochet of old material like a bullet caught in a canyon. Information can be understood on an intellectual level only for many years and consequently not create the alchemy necessary to burn away the dross. So thanks again for the heart connection.
All the best on your journey.”
Jo T
Sydney Australia

HOW TO ORDER “Dear Mr. Falone:
I have never written an e-mail to someone that I didn't know, so I am feeling rather awkward and hoping that I am not being too bold or presumptuous, and also hoping that this will not fall among an abundance of e-mail that is bothersome, burdensome and overwhelming. I have been prompted to write, however, because I am now reading your book, The Genius Frequency, and found it luscious. It's a gem that resonates  - although I can't quite capture the adjective that expresses the range of resonance. It's an interesting geometrical spinning configuration.”
Sandra C
Boulder, CO

HOW TO ORDER “Mr. Falone,
As a busy mother of a very active teenage son who has had some problems in school, I want to thank you for what you are doing for him. One thing he loves is to operate his computer. He somehow found your website and began hounding me to get this e-book experience thing. I thought it was just another stupid game so I resisted spending money on such things. Then he dragged me to his computer and showed me your website. I admit that I still did not understand what it meant but it seemed different than most of the stuff he does on his computer. So I ordered it for him. Your book has made such an impression on him for the better. I even caught myself reading it when he was away from the computer. I just can't thank you enough for helping Jason. I wish you the best and hope that my son continues to study what you have written.”
Sara J.
Ontario, CA

HOW TO ORDER “Dear Mr. Falone,
Your book has been a great - even mind-blowing - read. It has set my being thrilling  like a tuning fork. So universal in scope, so revealing of human potential, so spirited. I will recommend this work to m family and friends. I am indeed very grateful. Regards.”
Ravi J
Mumbai, India

HOW TO ORDER“Hello Mr. Falone,
Because of your book, I feel that I am slowly finding my way free of the old programming and the confusion that it induces. Your book has been indispensable in this effort. It's so strange, it seems as though whenever I'm ready to move to a new level of understanding the means automatically appear. Thanks for your time, and thanks for caring enough to make the effort to do the things you have done. Your book is already a classic and no one who seeks this kind of information should be without The Genius Frequency. Love and blessings.”
Ronny T
Liberty, MI

HOW TO ORDER “Hello John,
Excellent book!  WOW!!!  Thank you for creating this work and making it available. I just finishing chapter 4 and am wishing that I could absorb it all into by being. I'm glad you addressed therapies (regression, etc.), I have been working with different methods of healing and had wondered how effective it was, especially considering all past lives. I want to heal and live in harmony with THE ONE, I don't think anyone would bother trying healing modalities if they didn't want that Oneness on some level. Thanks again for sharing this fantastic book. I look forward to continue reading it.”
Sheila M.
Seattle, WA

HOW TO ORDER “Dear John,
Thank you so very, very much for your work, your writings! ! ! I am touched extremely deeply by what I am reading! I have just finished the first two chapters and look forward to reading on. I find it so fascinating as to how what is expressed in the work reflects so much of my "other" studies. The concepts and teachings of so many works so skillfully blended into a flow that just becomes part of me. It is helping get beyond the intellect and into the knowingness of Heart. Most of all, this work is helping me to re-member:) Peace & Love.”
Matthew D
Scottsdale, AR

I thoroughly enjoy your book.  Am on my second reading. The possibilities are endless. My computer has a real purpose now. Just leave it on the screen. Read it on every break. Read it instead of TV. My kids are getting curious. Thank you.”
Donna W.
Miami, FL

HOW TO ORDER “Dear Mr. John J. Falone,
I found your book the other day and have been rejoicing in the words that I (hear.) I say Hear because I am reading it via a voice synthesizer and screen reader. The voice synthesizer exposes people like me to new worlds of information and hope. Finding your book has truly made a difference in my life. You seem to talk directly from your soul. Even the synthetic voice begins to take on a life of its own as I listen to your eloquent words. I knew that this new technology would give me a wider selection of information. But I did not dream of anything this enlightening. Thank you with all my heart for what you have brought to the world. I hope that all goes well for you in all you do.”
Jeremy S.
Boston, MA

HOW TO ORDER “Hello John,
Just wanted to let you know that I did receive the wonderful book; and I have been thoroughly engrossed in it on a daily basis. It absolutely puts one on a different level of awareness and understanding, and more and more I am seeing all the different levels of being. In a way, it is sad to see the masses refuse to wake up, and began their return back to the LIGHT, but it is their free choice. Just wanted to let you know how truly thankful I am for all the incredible knowledge that I am receiving. Thank You so very much. Take special care. Have a wonderful day. Coming from the Heart of Hearts.”
Bill K.
Chattanooga, TN


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