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We have received enough email questioning the recent Zeitgeist production currently receiving attention via the neural network of internet awareness to warrant a contemplation. Since the particular work in question does not, in and of itself, reveal anything new, it does reflect a growing trend to present factual information for the purpose of exposing one illusion or another. After all, the Age Of Aquarius, photonic acceleration, etc. is upon you and the veils of illusion are becoming translucent through a 4th dimensional compression into your 3D perceptions. Hence, such works are a function of that unveiling process, and the mythological components embedded within the matrix of your current belief systems require the same process of revelation on a deeper level of understanding.

Mythology, particularly as regards religious institutions, is currently a favorite, well deserved target, and a rather easy one at that. However, there is a common flaw in all such attempts to deconstruct various belief systems while offering nothing in return. The following addresses such flaws and is oriented toward examining all such efforts, using the work in question as a point of departure, rather than a singular focus of critique. All works of this sort use roughly the same methods to fashion their conclusions and it is in their conclusions that we find the flaws.

Indeed, the premise of a continual and largely uninterrupted attempt to deceive humanity at large, and to otherwise withhold truth on virtually every level beyond that of mere survival; to suffer the brainwashing of subservience to a power elite who, in turn, enslave the masses at their pleasure, slaughtering them for fun and profit, etc., etc., is quite accurate on its face, and well-known to most truth seekers at this juncture of the human field of awareness.

The perpetrators are the false hierarchy that we cite so frequently, and they accomplish their mass illusions by simply impersonating true Masters at the expense of those who refuse to take responsibility for their own progress toward true freedom, thereby attaining their own Mastery. As regards the false hierarchy, clearly the master of a slave is no master at all, but a slave to the process of the bondage itself so that each struggles to enslave the other in the polarized realm of thought-forms.

Notwithstanding the stupendous religious facades of illusion erected throughout the ages, designed to enslave the human race with belief systems that serve the lower orders of the false hierarchy, we must remember that all teachings contain truth, albeit fragmented, distorted or reversed. Yet, It is the interpretation of truth upon which such facades are built. No entity or group of entities, regardless their degrees of darkness and evil intent, their lack of spiritual capacity, etc., can change or even hide Truth as a manifestation of Universal Laws and Principles of creation. They can only interpret that Truth and attempt to sell it back to you. For it is always sold to entities who deny their own Truth.

Now, in the monumental attempts to unravel the webs of deceit spun over human awareness for millennia, one faces an even greater challenge. In the pursuit of truth within the archives of historical records, one must invariably confront the fantastic array of concepts termed "myth." One must understand that there is a language of myth, the concepts contained within that language, and INTERPRETATIONS of both the language and the concepts. Thus, language is a carrier frequency which transports concepts as codified knowledge. Few understand that a Myth is a resonator with a particular gestalt designed to trigger thought processes of higher frequency perceptions. It is the tool for building consciousness-awareness, not consciousness itself. More on that later.

Enter the debunkers. These are generally a reckless, anarchistic lot who routinely throw the baby out with the bath water, as it were. They rely on the information painstakingly uncovered by sincere investigators in a given subject. One provides no useful service by simply exposing the corruption of a teaching as an end game. These newage demolition teams leave their targets in smoking ruins and move on to the next social edifice, with no attempt to rebuild anything. They believe that the shock value alone is enough to "wake up" their hapless audience — wake up to what? To the corruption itself! The result is to be left wandering aimlessly in a barren wasteland of one's own futility.

Suffice it to say, there is not a single teaching worth its salt found anywhere at any point in history that has not been corrupted. Every religion is rotten to the core; the newage movement is awash in sensational trivia and sophistry; science is certainly no exception, as it routinely churns out biased and bogus research for a paycheck; metaphysics has been marginalized and trivialized by a parade of charlatans through the streets of the disenfranchised and dispossessed from all of the above; and last but not least are the mythological archives of antiquity which have had many thousands of years for every conceivable manipulator, power monger, gangster and psychic vampire to sequester into some basement of humanity the uncorrupted teachings. What surfaces is an INTERPRETATION, carefully crafted to serve various agendas of enslavement.

Yet even the more honorable and sincere attempts to expose the false hierarchy, invariably leads to an obsession with the corruption itself. And the byproduct of such works is only a realization of utter betrayal. One is left with a numbness of realizing that all is a lie, all is a hoax, all is a joke and I am nothing if not a fool and a powerless slave at that. While these realizations may be necessary as part of a process of awakening, it most certainly is not the purpose of that awakening. There are those who busy themselves proving that your entire life is a lie, which begs the question, what is truth?

It is critical to understand that Truth cannot be concealed. It is everywhere, within and without you and it is always available to all at any moment and on any level one is prepared to BE it. There is no need for an interpreter, representative, highpriest, expert or authority. As a sentient being, you exist as a self-evident Truth of Divine Principle and Laws. Yes, teachers play an important role in self-realization. However, a true teacher suffers not the elitist attitudes often associated with the titles listed above.  A true teacher is one who lives Truth and teaches by example and not by licensed authority to dictate reality. With that said, let us review the program in question...

The segment of the presentation under consideration is the expose' on religion and is designed to give the impression of a different kind of revelation — it is all a hoax. The narrative chants into the canyons of your open minds and starving souls a mantra of “facts” born of "new" evidence and investigative techniques. And these “facts,” true as they may be, are supposed to be an obvious, self-evident refutation of every level and concept of religiosity including the existence of every incarnate Master-being who would embody the archetypal qualities of each peak in the millennial cycles of time/space. Thus, such incarnate beings, saviors, messiahs, or whatever title they are given in each civilization, appearing with punctual precision throughout the ages, are also a total hoax — they never existed, all are deliberate fabrications for the masses, orchestrated by the their arch-nemesis, the elite slave-masters of history.

Although facts are a component of knowledge, their is no guarantee that wisdom will orchestrate those facts around Universal Principles. Facts are like the RNA of conscious-awareness. They are supposed to mirror the DNA of Universal Principles. Extending this analogy, the thought-forms produced by the DNA is a result of personal desire which switch on different conceptual genes.

In the realm of the mind, the thought-forms generated by it change the outcome according to the specific sequence that is switched on. Assemble the facts one way and you produce a subjective analogue of Truth understood as myth or religion; assemble the facts in a different order and you produce an objective digital version of Truth devoid of the life-force and perceived as objective science. Here we see the needs of a society triggering the creation of institutions via its historical DNA as a result of varying cultural needs. If Universal Principles are discarded, the distorted "facts" recombine to yield institutional monsters that will ultimately consume their creators and followers alike. Now, let us review some of the facts used in so many of these contemporary presentations.


It is a fact that there have been many civilizations; it is a fact that each has reintroduced and preserved essentially the same recurring, self-similar themes of mythos in an astounding array of guises and names to suit the culture and language of the historical moment; it is a fact that virtually all of the major religions incorporate a Messiah/Teacher/Savior incarnating as Divine Issue for the salvation of the human dilemma; it is a fact that many such Messianic saviors of an age — sixteen of them known to date — were "born" on the same day to a "virgin" mother; it is a fact that religious symbols are encoded references to astrological and astronomical positions of celestial bodies (and vise versa); it is a fact that the drama of each messianic character mirrors a description of the micro-seasonal cycles of earth, as well as macro-seasonal cycles of the solar system in the precession of the equinox; it is a fact that the “Sun/Son” is always found in "heaven" in the presence of twelve other beings, notably twelve signs/beings of the Zodiac surrounding the Sun/Son, etc., etc. etc.

All these facts, and more are presented — hundreds upon hundreds of facts, like a gene sequence in genetic code, and it is at this point that the worm of so-called objectivity turns. After this litany of historical facts are presented, the great mind-numbing hammer of academic sterility descends with all the force and velocity that the weight of contempt can summon for the final, inevitable destruction of all belief systems based upon mythological analogue.

Then, in an astounding declaration, it is summarily and flatly stated that every source of every religion is a result of plagiarism! Presumably, each civilization stole the copyrighted material from the civilization existing before, with a new author of the times claiming rights to the material; although there is no proof given of a first author, or the original material from which subsequent iterations were plagiarized. Evidently, the Library of Congress has their work cut out for them should the Sumarians ever sue the Egyptians for copyright infringement! Well, enough laboring over such nonsense. Let us continue with our contemplation on a level that befits the human spirit and the depths of the soul’s place in the cosmos.

The collection and assemblage of binary, 3D facts that parallel the mythological analogue is not the problem. It is, rather, the INTERPRETATION of them via the reduction of incomprehensible complexities of Infinite Creation in all its multi-dimensional glory into an infantile, 3D simplicity which usurps the thinking process of every being who believes that such an interpretation of the realities of life is "known" and is sufficient to yield self-righteous judgments.

The altered-ego is constructed of such infantile simplicities and suffers the inflation of ignorance to fill the void of its unknowing. Yet, the question remains, who asked for these simple-minded interpretations? Clearly, those who profit from war are one such group of cult-prits For war is always a simple-minded affair based upon polarized thought. First, there is a war for your mind — the rest follows of its own accord. For the law of opposites will ultimately cancel every charge.

Thus it is not myth itself, be it of a subjective/religious nature or of an objective/scientific nature (yes, science is full of myths), that is the problem. For there is truth/fact in every story, in every myth, in every observation. The problem is the relativity of truth, which is the result of concealing the greater perception of life. Facts become relative truth (small "t") when they are removed from the greater context of life. Truth with a capital "T" is Universal, representing Universal Laws and Principles.

Truth is indescribable in 3D terms and can only be alluded to. Here, myth becomes an important tool of understanding a greater Truth. When Truth is allowed to decompose, relative truth remains as facts in the compost heap of human awareness. It is relative truth that the modern myth-makers of both polarities of religion and science use as a generator of chaos from which an artificial order is forced to emerge. Let us examine a "popular" scientific myth used to generate an empty, relative truth generated by the technique of infantile reductionism of greater Truth.

"Survival of the fittest" is yet another diaspora of the mind. Here a simplistic observation of the mind-boggling infinitude of creation is reduced to a conceptual equation that winners live and losers die! The "revelation" of that Darwinian absurdity is supported by countless pages of academic papers, producing a mind-numbing, thought-stopping doctrine of annihilation. Ultimately, by their own logic, there are no real "winners" in their cosmic super bowl, only survivors of the moment in the body-game of the ego. It is near impossible to articulate the utter insanity of this Orwellian logic. The "theory" in question remains a theory and shall always be, for it can never be "proven." Using their definition of "myth," as a function of deluded imaginings, Darwin's Theory is, indeed, a myth of colossal proportions, and all those who believe this myth are, by default, deluded fools.

It is one thing to awaken the mind to a larger view of a much grander reality in which it participates as a universal being. It is quite another to reduce such a view to a polarized, infantile belief system taught to billions of souls in the propaganda sewers of so-called public education. However, the implied intellectual depravity represented by Darwin's theory does not qualify as myth as we define it — more on that later. Rather, it is a truncated, partial equation of life, a virus constructed from relative truth, consuming the mind with a cancer of dissociated cells. Like DNA, countless genes/facts are assembled to produce a monster that violates the Universal Law from which it is generated. But we digress. Let us continue, then, with our review.

Generally, myth debunkers rationalize their deconstruction's in terms of an abstract, anthropomorphic projection of a human drama onto a mundane earthly phenomenon. In the Zeitgeist presentation, the "delusions" of myth are considered the work of the elite manipulators of human mind — thus, removing even the participation of the human imagination from the equation.

Here, the nexus of the message is that all references to a "Son of God," in the many cultures and civilizations that have constructed religions around a near identical messianic story of salvation, are nothing more than a binary reality of the "physical" repetition of the rising and setting sun. And that, it is declared, is the beginning and end of all religious beliefs, period. The messianic drama becomes a mass-mind analogue with a human identity, where the sun continually dies and rises from the dead, every single day. And it is for this reason, alone, that primitive, superstitious humans worship the sun. It goes further to imply a primitive, anthropomorphic delusional mind which "imagines" a Divine Being, otherwise known as the Son Of God.

The "revelation" continues by explaining the equinox phenomenon, whereby, on December 22 of every year, the sun actually stops moving (dies) in its southerly precession and officially reverses its course, beginning December 25th. Thus, the Sun/Son dies and on the third day it rises from the “dead” to “save” the world from utter destruction. This utterly mundane observation, known to human kind for millennia, is supposed to serve as an irrefutable proof that all myths of a Sun/Son savior in every teaching ever documented in the archives of the human experience is an unqualified hoax, designed to enslave the primitive mind in a fantasmagoria of its own projected condition, the ultimate opiate for the ignorant masses. And, the totality of this fantastic hoax is supposedly a deliberate cover story for simple, obvious, observable, astronomical knowledge, available to each and every sentient being who may gaze into the macrocosm of self.

Thus, the mechanical description of the behavior and life-giving qualities of the Sun/Son projected back into the human mind as divine drama or myth is the premise, or the crux (cross), if you will pardon the pun, upon which the many other facts are hung, lynched and crucified. On that note, the crucifixion concept is also explained away by the same astronomical descriptions of the sun’s orbit “crossing” a specific, cross-like star field at certain times of the year (Dec 25th), complete with the “Three Kings” who “accompany” the “birth” of the Sun/Son/Savior — the three kings being the three stars marking a precise moment on the celestial clock indicating a seasonal change on earth. On and on it goes with its stupefying simplicity that finds a 3D corollary or binary to every metaphysical concept ever conceived, taught, practiced or passed on through the generations of the ages.

Across the board, they proclaim that every human utterance alluding to a deity, contemporary or ancient, is a mere projection of human behavior into a cold, calculated astrophysical process. On a good day, some benevolent debunkers of myth will allow for the possibility that such mythological musings were merely a primitive attempt to "pass on knowledge" to the next primitive generation, who would invariably convert that knowledge into mindless, superstitious rituals. The program in question considers the entire sordid affair as an orchestrated cover up to keep the masses ignorant of the science of astronomy. It seems an incredible task to expend so much energy to deceive the ignorant masses of something which they are supposedly not capable of understanding in the first place.

Now, sincere students of the Mysteries know that such attempts to implant chaos through the vehicle of sophistry is the work of the psychekoi, whose "illuminated" minds are programmed to dissemble the continuity of human memory, with the ultimate goal of erasing Universal Principles from the human thought-process.

It is time for those on both sides of the polarized equations to wake up to the reality that their views are self-canceling. For the fundamentalist fanatics of all religious cults and the fundamentalist fanatics of anti-religious, scientific cults are doomed to attract each other with a force directly proportional to their contempt for each other. The vacuum that results from the inevitable implosion is inimical to life itself and serves nothing, save the diabolical administrators of annihilation, the self-designed generals in the war on the human spirit who feed off your fear and hatred.

At this point in the Omega cycle, every religious and scientific cult is profoundly corrupted and ultimately co-opted by dozens of diabolical organizations and individuals. The organized institutions of religious and scientific branches are political animals that compete and consume their polarized enemies, just as all corrupted governments are wont to do in their lust for power, domination, and control. However, the spiritual quest of the soul is so strong that it naturally gravitates to principles and teachings that explain, in any manner, and by any degree, something of a life with purpose, a world and a part of the human spirit beyond the mundane realities of the 3D perceptions of material survival.

It is this quest of the soul that attracts an individual to the religious systems that one finds upon one’s incarnation into this event horizon. And it is for this reason that those who desire to manipulate, dominate, control, and ultimately to enslave humanity, do so via religious and scientific institutions. Those who seek such control will always choose the obvious necessities of life as a mechanism by which to enslave. Such necessities are simple and require no genius whatsoever to recognize: they are food, shelter, clothing, the means by which they are procured (money/science), and the nourishment of the soul through spiritual principles that govern the material world and ultimately survive beyond the dissolution of all such worlds (religion).

Those who wake up and see the lie and dutifully devote themselves to the task of sharing knowledge with others are to be commended and to whom our gratitude should always be directed. For it is such souls who help deliver the keys to freedom through knowledge of the socio-governmental machinations imposed through every form of programming of the body/mind complex.

However, the temptation in all such pursuits, honorable though some may be, is to jump to another conclusion, to another paradigm that is largely a result of a knee-jerk reaction to the prevailing views of mass programming. Thus, it is not the knowledge of the facts as presented, with which we take issue. Rather, it is the reckless leap of the egoic-intellect into a chasm of relative truth which utterly denies Universal Mind as the progenitor of infinite life and eradicates every nuance of a personalized, subjective connection to that Infinite Process.

Proving that every religion derives from a common “mythology” spanning ages and civilizations, and that all mythology is an analogue for an objective, binary observation, in no way becomes prima facie evidence that the entirety of every story, every character and every teaching is a consummate hoax. Such thinking is simply an exercise in infantile reductionism, designed to consume an equally infantile inductionism.

Because spiritual and scientific processes have been institutionalized, and by consequence politicized, the corruption of same is rather inevitable. It should come as no surprise that each suffers at the hands of manipulators, otherwise know to us as the false hierarchy, who make it their mission to hijack discernment of Truth through forced secrecy, whereby an elite is formed for the purpose of throttling human awareness with a "just-in-time" inventory of facts. Through this method, the false hierarchy can pose as self-styled representatives of truth, be it of a material or a spiritual dimension, in order to create dependencies on their organizations, and by default, their representatives. Thus, all the bases are covered and there are highpriests of religion and science whom one is programmed to submit to for survival of the body and the soul.

Scholars and researchers of human antiquity, who use myopic knowledge of the continuity and purpose of mythological archives to lay waste to myth, simply entrap themselves in relativism. Replacing one polarized dogma with another is hardly an act of liberation, but rather another prison of the mind. And in the new prison the debunkers are the wardens, ruthlessly beating every nuance of the sacred into the material earth until only the profane remains.

By removing the alter of one’s spiritual beliefs, only the toilet of objectivity remains as an unholy chalice in which to place one’s desire to realize God. Everything suggesting Universal Love as a personal realization of a cosmic Principle is stripped and flushed away, leaving nothing save some pathetic explanation of all spiritual content as an anthropomorphic projection of human nature into something so mundane, shallow and obvious as the movements and timing of celestial bodies, for which every conceivable ploy is fashioned to facilitate secrecy.

Knowledge is revealed in time via levels and stages, like the growing and blossoming of a flower. Yet, when one observes the flower blooming, only ignorance of the process of life can declare the seed as a hoax because the observation of it is no longer viable. Only the pseudo intellect of an inflated altered-ego accuses the spring flowers of plagiarizing last year’s version. This type of thinking is a direct result of an intellect which is, in its totality, a function of the altered-ego. For the intellect is a creature of society and the language upon which it is structured. Its language is used to define a narrow world-view which supports agendas of self-interest. Moreover, it is shackled to its own pillars of polarized awareness, which emulates the principle of cancellation of every opposite. One cannot hope to use such limited 3D lenses to perceive the multidimensional realities of infinite creation.


Let us now stop the intellectual pendulum which, perforce, cancels true understanding, rather than enhancing it. For in the higher frequency understanding we realize and KNOW the multidimensional aspects of all cycles, for it is replicated within as a living, holo-centric universe of infinite life. When we perceive the fractal principles operating in the material density of this universe, we see a spiritual counterpart existing on every known level and that which is yet to be known. In other words, there is a spiritual template, or blueprint, as it were, which supercedes all material manifestations. A physical building does not precede the blueprint and physical manifestation on any conceivable level does not precede the spiritual template. Moreover, these manifestations are all inclusive of the cycles of the celestial bodies, which perforce, manifest from that spiritual template. Such understandings are the real purpose of metaphysics.

One must therefore ask: who and what is the Agent Of Intent that precedes the template, the schematic of sensory reality perceived in this dimension? Of course, this question evokes the much maligned argument of “Intelligent Design,” which is violently defended by the fundamentalist factions and ruthlessly attacked by the equally fanatical debunkers of religious myth.

Yet when one departs from the asylum of the insane, otherwise known as polarized thought, one can answer the question in terms of consciousness, the "missing link" in all such polarized debates. It is that enigmatic, all pervasive engine of life, termed consciousness, that precedes the template, the blueprint of material creation and all the laws which govern its function in time. Yet there are so-called scholars and learned entities on either side of the equation who believe that they can remove themselves from consciousness, factor it out, as it were, in order to properly “observe” facts in yet another religion, otherwise known as objective science. Their counterparts do the same by believing that they can remove themselves from the concept of God within in order to claim some understanding of the nature of God.

Having said that, we must abandon all such futility and move to a 5th dimensional understanding of Truth, which can never be removed from itself through these endless, fragmented diatribes of half-truths, which are all preludes to war in one form or another. The fact remains that consciousness is the Ultimate Agent Of Intent and the totality of the universe in all its varied dimensions and forms.

Therefore, the cycles, the movements of the celestial bodies, such as the precession of the equinoxes, the positions of each body relative to another from any given viewpoint; all are governed by the Agent Of Intent which acts as and forms a field of consciousness. From this perspective, we can now see that the cycles of the heavens exist within that field and are inclusive of a consciousness acting as the Agent Of Intent. There are many fields of consciousness, and each embodies a set of Divine Laws designed to give order and purpose to each system within its dimensional sphere of activity. Moreover, there are larger fields which, in turn, contain the smaller fields as a subset of its harmonic manifestations.


Now, in the spirit of that reality, let us review the raging debate regarding the so-called mythologies which coordinate and bind the messianic actions of saviors to appear with punctual, cyclic regularity throughout the ages. Indeed, the “facts” will attest to that which was stated at the onset of this contemplation regarding the commonality of the stories and dramas of various characters who personify such cyclical realities. Clearly, there cannot be a winter equinox, or any other cyclical event which is not preceded by a template of consciousness and this template of consciousness is alive, it is sentient, and it manifests on as many levels of reality and in as many dimensions as one is capable of perceiving at any given point in one’s mind/body state of being.

It is little wonder, then, that there is a manifestation of a being in this dimension who exactly mirrors the major energy shifts otherwise perceived as the precession of the equinoxes through the ages, which are marked and delineated by the signs of the Zodiac found within every historical archive and in the foundations of every religion. In fact, we will state that it is categorically impossible for any such major or minor cycle NOT to be paralleled by an incarnate being who represents the living template of the physical density of the "heavens" seen as celestial bodies. There have always been, and there will always be, incarnate beings who mirror the repeating cycles of the ages, for Divine Consciousness is the Agent Of Intent from which the material density is mirrored in a multidimensional precession of creation -- Jacob's Ladder of consciousness linkage.

Thus, for every major cycle, there is a “lord” of that cycle who, in a human form, personifies the qualitative changes required to successfully enter the succeeding phase-change of a local life-zone. Every living form is a living time-machine, constructed from the cyclic induction of currents from ionic charges, the magnetic moments of “handedness” in the spinning of wave fields, to the various macro levels of galactic field effects that further “shape” the forms which contain the life pulse infused from consciousness as the animating "spirit"-power of sentient experience in any given plane in any given kingdom of any local life zone.

Just as there cannot be a form of life apart from the field of consciousness in which it exists, there cannot be a field of consciousness apart from the form of life which mirrors its given principles. This is true on every level and in every dimension of creation. From another perspective, it can be stated that the appearance of a Master in a particular life zone cannot violate the natural rhythms contained within it. Such a violation would upset the precise, subatomic balance of that life-zone and relegate its appearance as a mere anomaly without purpose and one which would damage the fragile infrastructure of all surrounding life-forms.


For this contemplation we focus upon the appearance of “individualized” beings who incarnate/manifest in this plane as a direct infusion of a phase-change and a direct reflection of the qualities of that change in human terms. It is a metaphysical impossibility that a being would not manifest to embody the phase-change of conscious-awareness as marked in the heavens by the descriptions of astronomical observations. It is the nature of Consciousness, as the Prime Agent Of Intent, that every form created at any given phase, via a set of resonating cycles, will embody the qualitative and quantitative power of said cyclic shifts to another level of vibration — the heralding of the trumpets to a new level of awareness.

And it is for the above reasons that the objectivity of astronomy and the metaphysics of astrology are inseparable in the archives of antiquity. Dividing these two into opposing disciplines is tantamount to cutting oneself in half and programming each half to destroy the other. What folly?! What diabolical insanity?! It is within such madness that each half comes roaring into the coliseum to reenact one entropic subcycle or another within the local life-zone of its current truncated perceptions. Yet it is through astrology that the matrix of cycles in any given sector of conscious-awareness is known to produce a mind/body complex mirroring each event horizon. For when one gazes into the mirror of the universe, one sees oneself as a living reflection of that moment. However, it is the Master incarnate who also fully realizes that in doing so the universe sees itself!

So for those of you who are disturbed, confused, or otherwise perplexed by the Zeitgeist implications and the attending academic armies that mutate its message, regarding the hoax of spiritual teachings, know that there can be no age without an incarnate representative who heralds that age. And since all such ages are cyclical, there are attending “Lords” of those ages who visit and instruct the conscious-awareness of all beings in multidimensional levels of existence. This is so because the universe mirrors itself and each sovereign being is a reflection within that mirror as a conscious, sentient compilation of the principles, laws and multifarious dynamics of its particular life-zone.

Now, it is important to consider the fractal nature of material manifestation. As in all true fractals, a micro section of any part reflects the exact proportions and overall design of the larger whole. Such exact scalar replication is not limited to manifesting only within a specific material density. As a fundamental principle of creation, a fractal mirroring of a mathematical set can give rise to multidimensional references to itself. Thus, it is not difficult to “see" how such references occur as simultaneous actualities in parallel. For example, the same design may propagate in the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions simultaneously, yet the capacity for consciousness varies according to its function. Moreover, such replication can parallel in different time-lines or event horizons. Here, the human vehicle, indeed, all life forms, function as time machines. In terms of consciousness, communication can occur on multi-channeled lines through resonant nodes formed at the intersection of interference patterns within the consciousness-network of any given local life-zone of creation.

Suffice it to say, there can be no universal principle without an actual conscious-embodiment of that principle. In yet other terms, there is a representative, a living being, for every law and for every cycle in this dimension who enact and embody various laws as Universal Principles. For all universal laws, throughout the many universes, are fundamentally composed of consciousness. Thus, there must, perforce, be a sentient being that embodies each universal law. It is from this reality that, throughout the long human journey through collective memories, innumerable gods were referenced in a teaching by which the knowledge of various laws were transferred to successive generations through time. The attempts to corrupt the perceptions of human memory containing such knowledge in no way can be said to negate the reality of the sentient embodiment of each realm, cycle and dimension within Infinite Creation.

Through this understanding we can see how the arrogant, presumptuous judgments of ancient “myth,” by so-called objective analysis, negates every teaching generated by the orchestra of beings involved with various levels of creation. Thus, all activities generated by the teachings of each major cycle is relegated to the term worship or superstition.

Yet we see the absurdity of the current high priests of the material dialectic donning white lab jackets, performing their ritualistic sacraments upon the alters of material science, concocting an incomprehensible language used to communicate their perceptions of an agenda, scientific myths formulated by their overlords, with fanatical reverence and violent defense of the accepted theories of the moment.

In a future time, would not the term "worship" apply to the prevailing highpriests of science for that particular cycle? Would not their followers appear as a cult of worship of one chemical or silicon god or another in a future time revealing strange sacramental artifacts and talismans of a current civilization long extinct? What exactly would be the perceived difference between a church and a university? A laboratory? A test tube and the sacraments and rituals of worship of some invisible god? What of the voluminous scientific textbooks dug up from the bowls of ancient architecture in some future time? Were they not "sacred" books written by some god for the followers of the religion of science?

Irony is not some byproduct of the human drama; it is the principle driver of man’s polarized folly. Rewriting history with the intent of elevating the stature of one’s current ignorance of life's Mysteries is simply to degrade, denigrate and nullify the efforts of ones' own previous efforts to become enlightened. For the ultimate irony of the current arrogant state of humanity’s monstrous ego is the fact that these entities are actually digging themselves up from the graves of their own memories! To admit the relearning ("re"-discovering) of that which was lost through the extinction of a civilization, by rediscovering ones own relics of the past, is to risk a humility which is heretical to the altered-ego.

For the continuity of life is unbroken in the collective memory archives of Cosmic Mind, and its punctuated extinctions are simply macro cycles which are mirrored in the micro cycles of individual extinction cycles of the 3D physical body, destined to ascend into greater realms. To those who cannot truly perceive a tree, the spring leaves know not those of past summers. Yet the roots and branches of time continue the process of cyclic regeneration.

Discernment can only develop through a properly oriented perspective within the context of infinite creation, as well as avoiding the traps of polarized thinking and reactionary conclusions that serve to cancel truth, rather than to build an understanding that transcends the illusion of amnesia in your life zone. As such, we are not saying that all that is ancient is sacred by default. This would be another exercise in folly. For corruption of Universal Law has existed from the beginning of your collective journeys through this dimension. Yet one cannot discount the memories carved and etched in the elements of the earth by those who, indeed, were led into every sort of perversion perpetrated by the false hierarchy of interpreters — for Truth can never be hidden, only confused by interpretations.


Thus, in order to cultivate a foundation of discernment, one must clarify the phenomenon of babbling tongues. For the meanings of words used in translations are a primary source of corruption. And it is the words and terms most familiar to you upon which great facades of illusion are constructed in the mind.

For example, consider the most widely used word in your study of ancient documents, “worship." This single word has created more distortions in the context of ancient documents than, perhaps, any single word in the language structure forming the altered-ego. The other is "god." One reads the translations and one “thinks” one knows the story of one culture or tribe or another who "worshipped" a fantastic plethora of “gods,” in whose name they committed every conceivable form of atrocity, from sacrifice, to war, to genocide and beyond, in some vein attempt of appeasement, or other such conciliatory gestures of submissive enslavement, amounting to a belief system which can be judged as nothing more than superstition or delusional fantasies. We find that both religion and science are riddled with their respective "worship" of what can be interpreted as their respective gods.

Now, take a moment and imagine that you documented for posterity your personal experiences with a mob of gangsters and power mongers who possessed a monumental advantage over your life, shaping the entire drama of your personal experiences and those of your family, tribe or civilization of the times.

Imagine that such documentation was dredged up by the same entities (you), in a state of amnesia, many thousands of years later. What would they think of such stories, however accurate they may have been constructed, via a language structure that no longer exists? Would they not conclude that the entities of those times (your past selves) were utterly mad, delusional and superstitious? That they cowered before a vengeful god?  Now, imagine that any word used to describe a power greater than your own, one that coerced, enslaved and otherwise manipulated you under the pain of every form of punishment, extortion, force, torture and death for the purpose of control, so that you were bound to unwavering servitude and loyalty to the entities that represented that power. How would that story translate in some future language structure? In your current vernacular, would not such stories translate into the term "worship" of many "gods?"

Now add to your current understanding the hypnotic spell of propaganda that grips the masses, programming them to accept the arrogant doctrines of superiority over all those pathetic creatures that came before and you will have the basis for a self-righteous condemnation of your past selves as fools, idiots and the very personification of ignorance and stupidity. Under this spell, you would label your former selves as primitives who “worshipped” many “gods,” paying every sort of homage and every imaginable price in a futile attempt to placate their oppressors — jealous and vengeful god — begging their captors not to kill them and annihilate their tribes or their entire civilizations. Worship, indeed! A culture and mentality founded upon fear is thus translated as some voluntary act of fanatical superstition, which you can now see clearly through the eyes of superior intellectual hindsight.


In the brief contemplation above, you can see how the agreed meanings of only two words, “worship” and “gods” are used to translate the memoirs of your ancient selves and to reach conclusions based upon the very subjective distortions that you now claim to have transcended in your so-called modernity. How many more words serve such continued distortions? And how many more concepts have been distorted for the purpose of organizing such thought-forms into entire movements of perception otherwise known as religious and scientific beliefs and their concomitant judgments upon all previous incarnations of self?

Know that one cannot even begin to unravel the mysteries of one’s past lives until one discerns the hideous programming that grips and distorts one’s current perceptions. Perhaps you can see that failure to do so simply perpetuates what can be termed contemporary myth as a means to control your perceptions in the exact manner and by the exact same entities as that of your ancestors. Such is the illusion of freedom fueled by the arrogant dogma of so-called modern man and his triumphant emergence from the primordial ignorance of the primitive past.

Therefore, it is not the perception of a thing that creates your enslavement to the same false gods of your ancient existence. It is, rather, the interpretation of those perceptions that continue your enslavement. That which corrupts your powers of discernment is nothing more than the interpretation of that which you perceive (to perceive is to know) and remember. For you are continually immersed in the great oceans of Truth in which you cry out for some self-proclaimed authority to explain it all to you. Thus, you voluntarily give away the only true power of knowing Truth available to you. That power is discernment, the ability to call forth your own spiritual eye to see through the masquerade of those same self-proclaimed representatives of powers and principalities that exist as functionaries of the lesser forces in the greater Mind of THE ONE, in whom all life and existence is sustained.

You have accepted the programming that deceives your witness to Truth by ingesting the toxic interpretations which usurp your own innate understanding of what you, yourself, have experienced in the so-called ancient past. You rely on interpreters to interpret interpretations of translations and wonder why you are utterly confused, disempowered and drained of your life force. You have given your powers of discernment away to the extent that the interpreters explain to you what you see with your own eyes.

You stare into your great hypnogogic electronic, unblinking eye against the wall of your room and know not that the images and sounds pouring into your mind are being interpreted for you so that you suffer the illusion of “making up your own mind” based upon the "facts" as they are presented as a DNA sequence of reality.

You fail to decode the programming and the propaganda because you fail to perceive that the presentation is not one of “facts,” but of the interpretation of facts. The very sequence of images that you witness are chosen to lead you to a false conclusion — they show you a face; they show you a weapon; then they show you a victim. It is a game of association of one scenario with another that contains the distortions that you call evident truth and the erroneous judgments that ooze forth from the open wounds of collective humanity. You have submitted to the so-called “experts” to do the thinking for you, and they, so empowered with your own life-force, are injected with such grandiose self-importance, that they lay waste to your powers of discernment.

Now, having contemplated the nature and foundation of the phenomena of the babbling tongues as a formula for obfuscation and false interpretations of voluminous translations, let us now return to our contemplation of the religious segment of this Zeitgeist presentation. As mentioned in the opening of this contemplation, it is not the “facts,” such as they are, regarding the correlation of astronomical cycles with sentient intelligent beings, it is, rather, the interpretation of those facts that leave the mind/body and soul in a vacuum of futility and spiritual starvation.

It is the arrogance and hubris of those who claim to possess the power of “objectivity” as their own personal savior, a modality of perception that, they believe, liberates them from the ravages of subjective, organic experience and elevates them to a position of supreme interpreters of the facts, that sets the world stage for another set of petty tyrants, contemptuous of those who simply use different filters to perceive their unique experiences within the greater reality of Universal Truth, Laws, and Principles of Infinite Creation.

Thus, there is truth all around and within, yet it is in the interpretation that truth is laid waste to distortion. You gaze at a tree. It is a great truth, is it not? It is a holistic representation of various levels of intelligence assembled into a living, breathing being composed of other beings, as is your body. Now you can, with some degree of veracity, list the objective attributes, processes and functions of a tree without distorting its truth to any significant degree.

However, when one questions the purpose of a tree and the meaning of its existence, the interpretations burst forth in a hailstorm of self-serving agendas. Suddenly, what is self-evident becomes a tool for deception, because everything is connected and to interpret one form and function of life is to interpret all forms and functions of life. Truth is only self-evident by virtue of the fact that it exists within you as well as before you. As such, it requires no interpretation. It just IS!

Consider that your physical vehicle contains venal, arterial and lymphatic systems, among others, such as the lungs etc. What are the principles behind such constructions if not those of the tree and all other life forms within the vegetable kingdoms. In this way a tree is self-evident Truth, as are all life-forms. The same is true for celestial cycles.

When you gaze into the heavens and perceive the existence of bodies and their actions relative to each other, the meanings of the cycles are self-evident, a manifestation of intelligence operating in a particular dimension of perception, and a living process that operates within you as a reality of this life-zone. The celestial bodies are gigantic resonators which spin out the periodicities of that which you experience as time. Thus, each celestial body has its own quantified time-cycle embedded within you and creates psychic structures, otherwise known as the archetypes, each with an Alpha/Omega that seeks transcendence through your awakened state.

Thus, to gaze into the heavens is to gaze into yourself as a self-evident actuality. And again, when the question of the purpose of life is posed, interpretations abound in a cacophony of confusion. From that apparent chaos, “order” is dictated by those “X-sperts” of science and religion who represent one dogma or another and who enjoy various compensations by supporting institutions and by those who benefit directly from their continued influence over your mind. When the interpretations are biased toward polarization, each canceling out the other, you can be sure that some self-serving agenda is being perpetrated at your expense.

Wars are fought over interpretations of truth, not over the self-evident truth of the soul's very existence as a microcosm of Divine Principles of Intelligence manifesting as sentient beings. Yet, one is asked to ingest various toxic interpretations that range from: all myth is a gigantic hoax; to an equally absurd interpretation that you are a meaningless puppet, suffering all manner of judgments by various gods, all vying for positions of power within the mind of human existence.

Yet the presumptions of the interpretations in question are founded upon yet other interpretations of the heavenly bodies and their cyclic movements as dead objects in space. Given that the ancient civilizations interpreted them as living, sentient beings, and their activities personified, the entire expose' becomes a meaningless exercise in polarized thinking. For it uses partial equations formulated as the endpoints of a philosophic pendulum as it swings through the ages — “there is a God, there is no God; you were created by some god; you were an accident of a big bang;” there are no extraterrestrial beings; there are many extraterrestrial civilizations; ET's are the enemy of humans; you were actually created by ET's, and they are your gods, they are your friends, they are your saviors, etc. etc.

Again and again, the interpretations swing to and fro with the same periodic half-truths through the ages, and each cycle uncovered and exposed from the ancient timeline is subject to the same polarized interpretations with opposite emotional charges. Clearly, one cannot become discerning unless one is centered within one’s being. Doing so and being so provides one with the power to KNOW Truth, rather than following those who interpret half-truths.

It is the nature of babbling tongues to issue torrents of reactionary interpretations. It is always at that point in a developing civilization that sophistry spreads its malignant tentacles and begins to rot a society from the inside out. It is at that point in the cycle that every opinion is deemed equal to every other opinion, for all opinions become based upon an interpretation of partial equations of life and are considered one’s personal reality, void of substantive principles, purpose and Universal Meaning.

Sophistry mocks, derides and denies the very idea of Universal Principle — Truth that exists regardless of one's personal delusions in any given incarnation within the lower vibratory worlds. It denies the spiritual umbilical cord that connects us all to the source. Sophistry casts the mind into a vacuum of despair, isolation and an existence void of purpose and meaning.

In the short term, sophistry is exciting and empowering to the insecure, the greedy and the lustful among humans. This is so in the same way as fiat currency is when it is pumped into an economy. At first one feels wealthy, free and prosperous while the worthless paper is believed to have legitimate value. Over time, such currency weakens as its true value is revealed to be a mere relativity of worthless confidence in a purely transient, ephemeral and deceptive mind-set devoid of fundamentals.

In conclusion, let us say that Truth is a self-evident, timeless reality that exists within and without you. It is not a relative, partial-equation that finds its completion in annihilation. It is a unifying, fundamental principle and a Universal Constant that permeates all seen and unseen worlds, dimensions and every manifestation of life within every sphere of reality. Truth cannot be explained, much less can it be interpreted. It can only be alluded to through the similitude of imagery that awakens a state of your being. Ultimately, it can only be experienced through BEING TRUTH.

Let those who dredge up facts do so, and be grateful for their efforts to enrich your understanding in terms of your remembrance of your past efforts in previous civilizations. However, if you also accept the interpretations that are embedded in such material, you will only give away your powers of discernment, the only tool with which you may KNOW TRUTH for yourself. For that TRUTH is within you; indeed, IT IS YOU. It has always been so and shall always be.

Awaken now!
There is no other time in which to do it.

.:.En.:.Light.:.In.:.THE ONE.:.








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